What This Guy Decided To Do After Catching His Girlfriend Cheating Goes Beyond Anything

Being cheated on can have such a harmful, and of course a long-lasting effect on one’s self and future relationships. Betrayal has that effect that can shatter your trust you built in one relationship and it is incredibly hard to regain that.

Different people react to cheating in different ways. When one finds out their partner is cheating on them, their typical reaction is to get furious. That is entirely understandable given the fact that we are hurt in the most humiliating way.

Nevertheless, this Argentinian guy had a different idea on how to react when catching his girlfriend cheating him at a party.

He stayed away from going off at her or hooking up with someone else, what he decided to do was taking a selfie of his girlfriend and the guy she was cheating with, on the act.

Mariano, 20 from Quilmes in Buenos Aires had gone out one night without knowing his girlfriend is going to be in the same place too. They were in the same party, except that she was with another guy.

catching girlfriend cheating

Mariano’s selfie with his ex in the background. Credit: CEN


He saw the pair cuddling up intimately, but instead of confronting her, Mariano simply chills next to them and takes a snap to mark the occasion.

He captioned the pic, “My girlfriend (now ex) didn’t realize we came to the same party.”

Mariano’s girlfriend had no idea her boyfriend just caught her cheating until Mariano uploaded the photo to Twitter. Surprise, surprise!

Of course, after being caught in the act, everyone would have tried to justify themselves finding excuses. That is what his girlfriend decided to do too. After her infidelity went viral gaining 67,000 likes, Mariano couldn’t help but follow his tweet with a screenshot of his girlfriend’s excuses for why she acted the way she did. Hmm…

catching girlfriend cheating

Credit: CEN


The girlfriend says in the messages, “I was very drunk, and the fatty was very insistent with me. Continuing, “He told me loads of things, and I do not know how it came to that. I seriously love you, and I want to be with you.”

Mariano’s reply was this, “You could have made a bit more of an effort,” with a laughing emoji. Nevertheless, the couple has split up.

While we’re sorry for what happened to Mariano, we thank him for giving us some laughs at the matter.


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Source: Ladbible