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Guy Creates “Nails At First Sight” Guide To Help Men Avoid Heartbreak

Guy Creates “Nails At First Sight” Guide To Help Men Avoid Heartbreak

A guy has come up with the best solution to help his fellow friends avoid heartbreak and drama.

Marwan Alteir, better known as Rocky, created a ‘survival guide’ that will teach men to stay away from women that are nothing but trouble. The 26-year-old who claims to know the warning signs of women who think they are ‘the shit’, which he says it has to do with their nails, shared his guide on Twitter, and it didn’t take long for it to go viral.

Photo Credit: Marwan Alteir

Apparently, he wanted his ‘bros’ around the world to know what they’re dealing with, thus created the “Nails At First Sight” book.

Photo Credit: Rocky

After thorough research, Rocky created a six-page booklet which shows different kinds of manicures explaining what each color, shape, and length says about a girl.

Photo Credit: Rocky

And while he’s pretty confident of his research, Rocky adds that the results might vary.

Photo Credit: Marwan Alteir

In the video he posted on Twitter, the 26-year-old flips through the pages which have comments included about colors and most popular nail shapes.

Stiletto, Mountainpeak and Arrowhead 70% chance means they are in an Aggressive/Violent state.

Are you taking note guys?!

nails at first sight guide
Photo Credit: Twitter

He then goes on explaining the colors which he divided into two groups – the safe color shades and the danger colors.

nails at first sight guide
Photo Credit: Twitter

He went on saying:

Right here we’re gonna have the nude color shades, I call these the safe color shades, guaranteed to be safe – you can sleep with two eyes closed, you don’t have to hold your balls when you’re sleeping and you might even expect breakfast in the morning.

nails at first sight guide
Photo Credit: Twitter

Rocky advises all men to stay away from women with bright nail colors which he calls the ‘danger colors,’ adding that yellow is the worst of them all.

Stay away from yellow, most importantly, if she has the courage to get yellow nails, she has the courage to chop off your balls.

nails at first sight guide
Photo Credit: Twitter

The guide prompted women to share their own nails on social media.

Photo Credit: AP 🏆

Photo Credit: Ariel Rodriguez

Photo Credit: KING L

Yellow! That’s not good, at least according to the guide.

Photo Credit: @rayytrill

Photo Credit: lil princess

Photo Credit: 👑 Beautiful Brainy Bada$$

There were also people who praised Rocky’s work, saying it ‘deserves to be published’ due to its accuracy.

Photo Credit: Emily 💕 🍭 ✨

Photo Credit: D A R•R E L

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