This Guy Got A Date Thanks To A Video That Went Viral

Brace yourself, winter is here. And when the blizzard hits, you know you have to stock up on all the essentials for surviving. Like bread, milk, and water. But what are essentials for most people are not for others. One guy from Atlanta was interviewed by a local news broadcast in front of a store and when asked what he bought he said: “We’ve got some beer, we got some whiskey, we got soda for our Tito’s and lime” Looks like Brandon Becker was more than prepared for a long weekend.


What he didn’t know was that this video posted by The Chive would get him a fair few female admirers and would be the start of one different love story. But, apparently, women love men who are prepared.


The video got a lost of comments on Facebook and Brandon got himself a date with a beautiful blonde woman.

One woman wanted to find Brandon after she was impressed with his survival skills. And of course, he invited her on a date.


That’s one original way to find a date.


They both seem to have a similar sense of humor



Stephanie and Brandon met up for drinks and it seemed like they enjoyed themselves.


They shared few pictures of their date



But Brandon seems to be one incredibly lucky guy. Not only did he got the attention of the ladies, but he also got the attention of Tito’s Handmade Vodka and the company sent him a whole bunch of free vodka.Hope he and Sephanie drink it wisely!

Source: thechive

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