This Guy Rode A Disney Roller Coaster 10,000 Times And This Is The Reason Why

If you are having one of those days when you just want to stay in procrastinating, wasting time and browsing the Internet all day long until you get really bored for no reason, go ahead. It’s fun to have such a day once in a blue moon. But even if you’re being very productive and have only five minutes to check your timeline, then this heartwarming video will totally make your day.

A man named Jon Hale really loves a particular Disney ride and the reason behind it is very surprising. In 2010, he weighed 400 lbs and needed a scooter to go around the park.

But after a gastric surgery and replacing two knees, everything changed for the man from Orange County, California. When the Disney Cars ride Radiator Springs opened, Hale loved it so much that he started riding it very often.

reason 1

Getting on the ride was a victory at first, but that all changed when Jon ended up riding 52 times in one evening. In the video below, you can see that he has been on the ride more than 1o,000 times and he is like family with the staff now.

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Check out Jon’s story in the video and tell us what you think about his obsession?

Source: Jon Hale

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