Guy Gets Free Steak From A Restaurant By Pretending His Valentine Stood Him Up

Food is an important part of our life. We spend money on it every day and we try to be healthy in our choices. Ever since I moved away for college, I realized how valuable the food you get back home is. Here, we tend to eat fast food a lot, and it feels that one doesn’t have time to prepare what one would love to. Probably all of us did some ‘cunning stuff’ when it comes to getting free food. For example, did you ever manage to get free food pretending your valentine stood you up? Me neither.

However, Stephen Bosner from Maryland did just that on Valentine’s day. He pretended to be stood up in a restaurant, and guess what he got for free? Steak.

Guy Gets Free Steak

According to Unilad, Bosner shared his idea on Twitter looking for opinions. He wrote:

“If I went to Outback Steakhouse by myself tonight and asked for a table for 2, then got progressively sadder as the night went on alone, do you think they’d give me my steak for free?”

He planned everything, even the smallest details:

He also recorded fake voicemails, when the restaurant staff was near:

According to what he wrote on his tweets:

‘the waiter just talked to the bartender. i’m sitting in a booth at the bar and every single person within eye range has glanced at me at some point during the evening.’

The story continues:

‘I still haven’t gotten a check. i KNOW this waiter is getting ready to clock out for the night’.

However, it turns out that a couple felt sorry for Stephen and paid for his food. Here’s how Stephen updated his status:

Ultimately, he donated $50 to the American Civil Liberties Union as a thank you and got his leftovers to-go.

There’s one thing more, Stephan wanted Outback Steakhouse restaurant to know about it. He tweeted:

‘@Outback pls don’t get mad at me for this I love your steak so much [sic]’ And they went on and replied:

‘How about you bring in a real date and the meal’s on us? The love connection is up to you though. ♥️ Send us a DM so we can make it happen.’

Genius, huh?! What do you think? To read all the Stephan tweets, click here.


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