Three Guys Dine And Disappear From A Restaurant Only To Send A Letter A Few Days Later

Life is full of misunderstanding and maybe that’s why we need to communicate in a better and more understanding way. It was a simple mistake and misunderstanding when three men left without paying in a UK restaurant after dining out. The owner of Kilimandjaro restaurant in Middlesborough, UK was in for a surprise after he thought he was completely humiliated and deceived. Well sometimes, life can surprise you in the best ways.

Three men had eaten in the restaurant and they were told that the restaurant did not accept card payments. Can you imagine what they did? Well, they told the manager and the waiter they would go find an ATM machine and come back with some cash. However, as you might expect it, they didn’t and it  quickly became clear to the manager that the guys weren’t coming back.

Apollo Apollinaire, the owner of Kilimandjaro told Gazette Live about the experience, “I put it down to a bad experience. Usually, people don’t walk out as a whole group for a cash machine. I just told my staff to next time make sure one of them stays or they leave some belongings until they come back. We accepted they would never come back and we had lost the money.” He accepted the situation and mad peace with it. However, a few days later, he received a letter addressed to the restaurant.

When he opened it, he saw it contained around or £40 (around $53 US) and a letter which explained what happened to the three men that never came back. All of a sudden, the night started to make sense.

Here is what they had to say in the letter: “We exited Kilimandjaros to embark on a search for an A.T.M machine. On our search, it was apparent that the last train to our hometown was shortly about to depart. This diverted our attention away from finding an A.T.M machine and led to us running to the train station and just making our train. It was at this point, being too late, we realized our actions and decided to write this letter of apology with £40 enclosed in this envelope.” It was a simple mistake!


It’s not so much about the money, as much as it is about the gesture.

Apollo has since shared photographs of the letter and the money that was enclosed to cover the bill on Facebook. It says a simple message: “Don’t be too quick to judge,” which is the best advice you can take in life. Here’s the full post for you to read for yourself.


Moreover, Apollo wants the three guys to come to the restaurant again. He wants to reward them with a free meal for their honesty. Also, he has even offered to send each of them a bottle of Kilimandjaro’s signature sauce. Honesty does pay off!

Never judge too quickly after a misunderstanding.

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Source: Auntyacid