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12+ Guys Who Made Great Efforts To Shape Their Bodies Beyond Recognition

12+ Guys Who Made Great Efforts To Shape Their Bodies Beyond Recognition

The stigma that only women take care of their bodies, worrying about those few extra pounds, should really come to an end. When it comes to appearance, men are just as willing to hit the gym and do whatever it takes to keep in shape.

Here, let me give you some proof:

1. Great results within 4 months

This guy over here attributed his weight gain to his unhealthy drinking habits. Moreover, he said that he didn’t really care if his health would go downhill or not. However, there came a day when he realized that there is something he needed to do about his physique. In just four months, he managed to drop 40 pounds.

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2. He lost 59 lb.

This is the story of Sam Rouen. When he was 19, he weighed 339 pounds. However, 10 years ago, he became part of the Australian version of The Biggest Loser where he shed 156 pounds and actually won! After that, his life turned around where he became one of the hottest firefighters of Australia.

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3. Ketogenic diet results

Via the ketogenic diet and a whole lot of time spent at the gym, this man slimmed down and achieved the body of his dreams.

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4. Minus 170 lb in 3.5 years

Limiting his calorie intake and hitting the gym proved successful for him. Now that he has dropped the pounds he doesn’t want, he maintains a healthy high-protein, low-carbs diet.

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5. “I lost 120 lb in 3 years of sobriety.”

What an inspiration! Not only does he look better and healthier, he also looks really happy now.

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6. He dropped 130 pounds.

Talking about his weight loss journey, he explained:

“Finally starting to feel really good about myself after losing 130 lb.”

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7. He lost 70 pounds.

Losing weight is a commitment that takes courage and patience. And since this young man managed to achieve his goals, he decided to share a little something with the other folk who are about to embark on a journey like his.

He says:

I didn’t really realize it at the time but I was depressed, bored, apathetic, etc. I had tried anti-depressants and while they worked a bit to get me up and at it, I stopped them after 2-3 months. I’m hoping this post and my COOL DUDE shirt fills you with determination. 


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8. “2.5 years later.”

Now, doesn’t he motivate you just by looking at these pictures? Imagine if you were to work out at the same gym.

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9. “My progress over 18 months.”

During this period, this guy lost almost 90 pounds. Moreover, he became self-disciplined.

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10. Hard work pays off

“My fiancé began his weight loss journey last October. It’s now one year later, and he is down 145 pounds.”

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11. “I’ve been losing weight for 5 years.”

Losing weight is not only about looking good. It is also about feeling good. When this man was diagnosed with hypertension, he took the matter in his hands and decided to shed some pounds he really didn’t need.

Source: © Unrealjello/


12. “I planned to lose 20-30 lb but lost 59.”

And if I tell you that he did this in just four months, would you believe me? Well, he is following a diet, of course, but he also shares that he does indulge in pizza sometimes.

Source: © lesk8/


13. “I decided it was time for some change.”

Cutting off fatty foods and those high in sugar, he managed to drop 110 pounds. Amazing, right?

Source: © FreshPrince94/


14. He got rid of 120 lb.

It took him a while to fully commit to his goals, but it was totally worth it. He explains:

“After years of false starts and broken self-promises, I finally did it and hit my weight-loss goal.”

Source: © thewildbeard/


15. He lost 265 lb in 2 years.

In 2013, Mike Marx weighed almost 400 lb. He turned his life around when he decided to lose the excess weight. He dropped half of his body weight and he is really proud of himself. We are proud of you, too!

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