Haflinger Horse Whose Long And Wavy Mane Resembles The Hair Of Rapunzel

A Haflinger horse by the name of Storm has an incredibly beautiful mane that it’s impossible not to stare at. The horse is said to resemble princess Rapunzel with its majestic long tresses.

Storm has been pictured with its owner, Naomi Beckers, 24, in Limburg, Netherlands. We see in the pictures as the extremely photogenic horse stares forward while it has its hair let loose and all over the back. Photographer, Priscilla Gijsberts, has captured the beauty of the horse and we’re left in awe. The horse’s owner, Naomi, is seen in the pictures as she poses alongside her Storm.

Haflinger horses usually have long manes, however, Storm’s mane has reached the length of more than a meter over the passage of six years, to be more precise.

The 25-year-old photographer from Eindhoven, Netherlands admitted that she was ‘amazed by Storm’s mane’. She said:

I met Storm’s owner on Instagram, and I was amazed by Storm’s mane.

Some Haflingers do have wavy hair, which is often most visible when they are still young and have shorter manes.

Haflinger horse long wavy mane

She proceeded explaining how as the horses’ manes grow longer, ‘their waves usually straighten’, saying:

However as their manes grow longer their waves usually straighten, unlike their tails which often stay wavy throughout their life.

When Storm was about three years old she already had manes that passed her shoulder – from that point on they were no longer cut and always kept in braids to protect them.

Haflinger horse long wavy mane

Haflinger horses are usually famous for having long manes! However, Storm’s wavy and long mane has gotten the attention of so many people.

Haflinger horse long wavy mane

Reportedly, if these horses’ manes are cared for properly, they can resemble human hair.

Storm is one of the thousands of the breed and can be found all over Europe.

Haflinger horse long wavy mane

They were developed in Austria back in the 17th century. Developed to work in the mountainous regions of its native land, the Haflinger was used as a packhorse and in forestry and agriculture.

Today, however, the breed is used in many activities such as pack work, light harness, and combined driving, as well as in different athletic events.

Haflinger horse long wavy mane

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Source: Dailymail