Hailey Baldwin Becomes The First-Ever Face Of Levi’s 501 Jeans

For the first time in their nearly 150 years, jean brand Levi’s have picked someone to be their face and it’s none other than Hailey Baldwin Bieber.

On Friday, Levi’s announced that the model will be the first-ever face of their signature 501 denim, which is their original blue jean. This comes just before the brand celebrates its birthday on May 20th, as well as in perfect timing for the festival season.

And the line Hailey is seen modeling on the pictures released by Levi’s are nothing if festival-perfect!

The model is seen wearing the 501 Original Skinny Jeans, 501 Short and 501 Authorized Vintage as well as a pair of 502 Shorts which are distressed and paint-splattered and the 502 skinny jeans with a customized “H A I L E Y” written down the right leg.

Apparently, there was no one better suited for being the brand’s first face, as Hailey is an “authentic” fan. Speaking for WWD, CEO Jennifer Sey said: “Hailey has been wearing our icons, Levi’s 501s and 501 shorts and trucker jackets, without us having to ask her to. She’s a real authentic fan. It never felt right before but we love Hailey’s energy and optimism. It felt like the right time to associate a face with 501.”

And she really has been wearing Levi’s for ages, with her first 501s ever being a pair she stole from her father and which she still wears today.

“I’ve been wearing 501 cutoffs since I can remember,” she said. “They make me feel like me. I still wear them today.”

As part of this campaign, Hailey will be attending festivals and customizing events. She’ll be hosting Levi’s fourth annual poolside brunch at Coachella with Snoop Dogg and St Vincent.

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Speaking of Coachella, Sey said: “We do festivals all over the world but this is the biggest and best. It’s still one of those centre-of-culture moments where you have youth culture, the best line-ups and acts, and so much style and music converging on the desert.”

Things have not been looking bad for Hailey lately, as she just got married to pop star Justin Bieber in September and the two are reportedly planning a wedding, but no date has been set.

Though they did get called out for “insensitive” their April Fools joke last week…

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