5+ Amazing Hair Color Trends To Start 2020 Right

2020 is almost here and we are SO ready to start new. What better new beginning than with a fresh new hair color, I mean, we wanna get into the new year looking hella fine, right? Plus, we got a new decade starting and I think that is the universe’s way of telling us to pick up our phones and get that hair appointment set. But first, let’s get down some inspiration, we got to find the perfect look!

We have got 5+ prettiest new hair color trends lined up just for you. Get some inspo and let’s slay this new year. New year, new hue, 2020 here we come!


First up: Icy Blonde


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This one is a timeless haircolor. I mean, we’ve all seen Elsa’s amazing hair color and now we want it too. This Icy Blonde look will look perfectly, especially right around January and during the New Year. Blend in with the snow and look awesome while doing it!


2. Another timeless look: Icy Violet


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We know this one seems like it has been done already, but trust me this color will never go out of style. It is never too late to join the party and rock this purple-hued color.


3. Honey Highlights


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A safe and gorgeous hair color. Highlights are always so pretty, and you can easily rock them with straight or curly hair.


4. Demi Lovato’s Dip Dye Ends


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Why have only one hair color when you can have two? On the plus side, these will look better than the ones your sister tried to give you using Sharpies. Preferably with curls, this hair look will guarantee you looking awesome.


5. Deep Chocolate Brown


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Obviously brown hair is always a good idea, but you’d wanna spice things up a little and go a tad bit darker. Pair this rich chocolaty color with some subtle baby lights and you’ll have yourself the cutest hair color ever. Oh, also, don’t forget the waves, you don’t want a dull hairstyle with that color now, do you?


6. Golden Copper Red


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Bold & vibrant colors are just the way to go, like, who wouldn’t want to look this good? Especially if you have warm undertones. Mamma Mia, I can only imagine how BEAUTIFUL one would look with this copper red hair color!


7. Shadow Roots


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If you’re struggling to keep up your perfect blonde roots, then we have THE perfect hair trend for you. *Drumroll please* Shadow Roots, yes you read it right! A perfect way to keep your color longer and have yourself looking good with growing roots.