These Are The Best Hair Removal Methods For Each Part Of Your Body

There are a lot of methods when it comes to body hair removal, like waxing, shaving, lasers and they all have their place and pros and cons depending the part of your body you’re trying to bare. The New York City-based assistant professor of dermatology at Mount Sinai Medical Center Whitney Bowe, MD, shares which one to use on what part of the body for the best results.


Through the summer, it’s better to consider laser hair removal from a board-cerified dermatologist. You will need 5 to 8 sessions to be hair-free down there. The next way is shaving. Since a bikini wax for most people is a must, according to Dr. Bowe, shaving is better to the delicate skin in that area and will cause less ingrown hair. The Schick Hydro Silk TrimStyle Razor is only $14 at which is very helpful for you ladies.


The skin under your arms is pretty sensitive so this makes shaving the best option. Use a hydrating shave gel like the Ultra Moisturizing Lavender Shave Cream for $4 at Make sure to shave in multiple directions since the hair there grows in a whirled pattern. Swipe your razor up and down from corner to corner.


When it comes to shaving your legs, the old-fashioned way is the best one. Dr. Bowe’s trick for better-looking leg-hair regrowth is to make two passes with the razor in each spot as you move across your leg. Shave in the same direction and the opposite of your hair growth. Look for a razor like Gillete Venus Swirl, which is available for $10 at, though the prices are subject to change.


Upper lip

If your hair is dark and coarse and difficult to remove, with just a few sessions of laser treatments they will be gone. You can also try a depilatory cream like Bliss “Fuzz” Off Facial Hair Removal Cream for $24 at


According to Dr. Bowe when it comes to the eyebrows the best thing is plucking or threading. These methods will give you way more control than waxing or shaving and the results last longer. Try the Tweezerman Mini Tweezer for $16 at which has a slanted tip that grabs hair more easily. Enjoy!

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