16 Hair Transformations Gone Wrong On So Many Levels

We all need a little change in our lives from time to time. The hair, the outfit, even the lipstick. Sometimes simply going from bright pinkish to dark purple lipstick can really affect your confidence. But one of the simplest ways to transform yourself and be noticeable is through hair transformations.

Are you ever super thrilled to get a hair transformation but also super scared of the change? What if you end up not liking how you look, what if the hairdresser didn’t do a good job after all? What if after time and time trying to decide for the perfect hair color or highlight, you feel like you’ve made the wrong choice, and cutting them super extra short will not make things any better? It’s all such a challenge. Especially for the indecisive. And for those who deal with hairdressers who kind of do not know what they’re doing. And especially for those who try to be their own hairdressers without any form of expertise.


1. This girl simply wanted some pretty balayage and was badly let down by her hairdresser.


Reddit | TheSoulOfTheRose

2. First time getting her hair professionally done, and I don’t think she will do it again.


Instagram | @randall_414_

3. We’ve heard about cutting your own bangs going wrong, but what about the times when even the hairdressers can’t get it right?

Reddit | majesticedge

4. Then there’s this undercut fail…


5. The person on the left is most likely not satisfied with their undercut. Proof that it definitely cannot be done by just anyone.

Instagram | @kenjii16

6. Well, at least her tattoo gives her a little hope

Reddit | illbeige

7. Okay, but do you know how much the girl paid for this look? $627. Yes!

Reddit | eraser_dust

8. Beachy waves gone wrong, don’t you think?

Reddit | Yugen9x

9. Since the picture on the left was the one shown to the stylist. This hairstyle has a happy ending.

Reddit | Bramflake

10. What the girl wanted was “rose gold with some hidden low lights of pink and purple.”

So, you be the judge.

Instagram | @anxiousfaces

11. I honestly have no words to comment this one.

Instagram | @hannaroseelarson

12. Expectations vs. reality.

Reddit | Smkthtsht

13. Mermaid hair, but like all the way from the roots. I can’t!

Reddit | MintBB

14. Vibrant hair should be left in the hands of those who know what they’re doing.

Reddit | romanticat

15. Apparently, the salon assured this one girl that the hair wasn’t that dark and that no bleaching was needed.

Reddit | MsDyn0mite

16. I just love how this was supposed to look. Too bad.

Reddit | Ivey_Mom
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