Hairdresser’s Unconventional Haircutting Technique Is Going Viral

From fluid hair painting to unicorn hairstyles, we thought we had seen it all, but we were mistaken. There is a stylist based in Kansas City, Mo who honestly, uses a quite scary but interesting technique to cut your hair, called Whoville Christmas tree. The videos that Sarai Speer, who works at Re-hab Salon and Spa, posts on Instagram are fascinating to watch as you can see her cutting customer’s hair by twisting a section of the hair before holding it vertically and pretty much rubbing the edge of his scissors up and down. It’s an unconventional technique for sure but the results are amazing.

“You go down the hair and keep the tension and that’s what creates those pieces,” Speer told TODAY Style. “You keep the sheers half open. Do not close them.”

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According to the hairdresser, this technique is best done on a dry hair but she does it on wet hair too. The Kansas-born is a pro who has been practicing this technique for five years since the day she learned the method in class “It kind of blew my mind,” said Speer.

However, she advises that this technique is not for everyone. She wrote on one of her Instagram videos: ” If you have never done this, don’t just go HAM on your next client’s hair!!”  That’s really good advice since this looks extremely complicated and you should know what you are doing.

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She first cuts the perimeter then dries the hair and uses the technique to soften the layers.

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“I do it on my short-hair girls, long-hair girls and everything in between,” the hairdresser explained.

“I’m not butchering the hair. I’m keeping the integrity of the hair,” said Speer. “It’s not a technique for everyone to use.”

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Source: Today