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Who Leaves Your Hair Like This And Then Doesn’t Apologize?

Who Leaves Your Hair Like This And Then Doesn’t Apologize?


What we have here is a dramatic, first-world-problem story that no girl could actually be indifferent to. A girl named Danni Draper went to the hairdresser some time ago, wanting some toner over her freshly dyed blonde locks and a little trim.

What she got is not exactly what she bargained for.

What you see in this photo is the Queensland hairdresser’s attempt at a concave bob.


I know, right.

She spoke to Daily Mail Australia and she said she was on the brink of tears after paying, leaving the salon and noticing what she had at the back of her head.


‘I wanted to cry. As a girl, your hair is important,’ Ms Draper said.

Allegedly, she went straight back, demanding a refund of the $80, which she was told she’ll get, plus the store manager attempted to fix the mistake.

Which only led to more frustration, as she cut her hair much shorter than she wanted. Why is this always the case with hairdressers?!



Finally, she decided to go to a different salon for the third attempt. And now she’s happy.


She says that she’s been overwhelmed with messages by other women who claim they haven’t had any luck with that salon either.


‘This is nothing like a concave cut at all, if she was not confident in the cut then I would have appreciated her being honest and saying so I would have just got a trim,’ she wrote, when she posted the photo of the jagged cut.


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However, the salon has a different side of the story:


And here’s another message:


And another, this time with more of Danni’s side:


Danni says the stylist didn’t even ask questions when she came back unhappy with the cut.


We can’t say what really happened, but at least we can see that Danni is now content with her hair now.

What do you think?

Source: Dailymail

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