Looking To Spice Up Your Hairstyle? Try These Hair Designs!

Beth Belshaw is a hairstylist that runs her own hair design company, by the name of ‘Sweethearts Hair Design’, where she displays her work on her Instagram page which has over 870k followers! Here you’ll find just how great her hairstyling skills are, with thousands of women around the world tuning in to see what Beth can do with hair!

Continue scrolling below to see how she approaches each hair design so carefully and remarkably, making sure each one has its own distinctive style that will stand out from the crowd!


Getting ready for the perfect hairstyle for this little girl!


Braiding it up to make sure she looks exceptionally beautiful.


Whoa! I’m liking the addition of the blue, between those two creative braids!


Were you expecting this? Me neither! Keep scrolling below to see the full video:

Not to worry, we have more to show you below!


Bringing out the curling iron to bust those curls out!


Beth’s perfecting her hair the way it should be, magnificently beautiful!


Now a look from the back, where the hair falls all the way down in an array of curls galore!


My oh my, everything about this is so precious, the curls, the color, the highlights!


And now for the final touch! Isn’t she gorgeous? Scroll below for the full video:

‘Sweethearts Hair Design’ also has their own store where you can purchase tools to dazzle your hair!

What do you think of the Zipper Braid?

Or the Ladder Braid? Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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