Watch And Get Inspired By This Hairstylist Who Made A Career Out Of Her Passion

“Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.” is one of those quotes that most people go to when deciding for a career, at least I know I did. Sometimes the choice can be difficult because some people take longer to “find themselves” and some know from the very early ages. C’est la vie. I believe the people who experiment and try out different things will have it easier to make up their mind, and who knows, sometimes experimenting can lead to beautiful things. Like the artists, the ones who lead their bohemian lives and get all the creative satisfaction.

This one lady named Sherry Maldonado found a way to make a career out of her passion. Now that’s special (talking as a person who once believed they would grow to become a great poet one day). But this lady managed to put her creative skills and hard work to use and has now made a loving career. What we’re talking about here is a passion for the art of anything hair related. The Instafamous vlogger has been sharing hair tutorials all over her social media, and how she got successful is she simply posted her first video three years ago and that’s where everything went forward. She never believed she’d get as successful as she did and she now is undoubtedly satisfied. Follow your dreams kids.

Sherry has around 1 million followers on her Instagram account and people really seem to like and enjoy what she does (and I do too, just go check out her Instagram). Right now, let’s hear her story and, who knows, it might trigger something that will lead you to strive straight ahead for your dreams.

Check this one out:


The beauty vlogger posts celebrity hair inspired tutorials, infinity braids, DIY hair, even a few Ariana Grande ponytails in between. She says that making hair tutorials is her full-time job and that it happened “as a result of my hobby and passion.”

Further on, after being asked on how she started making beauty tutorials, she said:

“I was always helping my girlfriends with makeup, hair and clothes. I used to give them a lot of tips and tricks. They always had questions for me, so I thought about sharing my short tips through videos for all of them on my personal social media page, because besides the fact that I love beauty I love filming and the process behind the scenes is also something I really enjoy. So I created all this from two of my favorite hobbies.”

According to her, the fondness for hairstyling came from the early ages when her babysitter who was also a hairstylist used to do different types of hairstyles on her.

When asked about her inspiration for the hairstyles, she said:

“It can be weird sometimes. I do find inspiration in everything, even from stuff that has nothing to do with beauty.”

She doesn’t yet have professional experience or education in beauty nor hair yet, but she says that she has been practicing and reading about it ever since she was a little girl.

As for her advice to people who might follow her footsteps, she says:

“Most importantly, pick something you are passionate about, something you would do for free.”

Sherry’s beauty icon is Kate Middleton because she says Kate “can look so pretty and feminine without showing too much skin and without being extravagant.” 

Anyhow, if she wasn’t making hair tutorials, she claims that she would probably be a diplomatic involved in politics in her hometown country.

But a career out of her hobbies and passions is probably what keeps Sherry going and giving her best. Going back to the quote mentioned in the very beginning seems like Sherry has done exactly that.

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