Spooktacular Halloween Inspired Hairstyles For Little Girls

We can feel the spookiness all around as Halloween is rapidly approaching. All we can think of is what makeup look we should opt for, what costume we should wear, and, of course how our hair is going to look. Thanks to the internet there are plenty of ideas we can borrow and find inspiration regarding makeup, the costume, or our hair.

If you’re slightly an indecisive person as I am (a Gemini talking here,) then the struggle is pretty real when it comes to choosing what you’re going to be this Halloween. I mean, Halloween is just around the corner and I still haven’t made up my mind whether I want to look like a potato, or whether I wanna look more seductive. Because, truth be told, there’s no in between. I don’t care much about being scary!

By now, we at MetDaan have offered you so many ideas regarding fitting the holiday spirit whether we’ve offered you makeup looks, or costume ideas. However, today we are here to show you some hairstyles your little one can opt for. They’re outstanding, spooktacular, and so easy to pull off. What better way is there to make your little one happy than offering her hairstyle ideas.

Since we’re all grown up and there’s no longer trick-or-treating for us, your kiddo will for sure enjoy the holiday going around houses while looking at her best. Say no more and let us go through the hairstyle ideas. Have fun, chicas!

You can add a little Halloween texture to the braids by using bendable string and turn your little one’s hair into two cute ears.

Halloween inspired hairstyles

It is so easy to pull off and the end product is so cute and simple.

One thing for sure, your little one will love this updo Halloween inspired hairstyle.

I mean, just look at it!

Make your little one feel like a unicorn for a day.

Simply, cute!

On a daily basis, no one would want a spider on their head or hair, however, Halloween is an exception.

A spider web in your little one’s hair is what will turn heads when trick-or-treating.

What’s a spider web without a spider?!

Halloween inspired hairstyles

This is the final look inspired by Halloween.

Halloween inspired hairstyles

Make sure the hair ties are orange on black to fit the holiday spirit.

Halloween inspired hairstyles

Now, you’re probably in need of the details. You can watch the video and recreate these hairstyles.


If you had a favorite, don’t hold back to share it with us in the comment section, we will be reading *winks.*

Source: Lizas Braids

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