This Is The Truth About Happiness Told In Less Than 5 Minutes

All of us tend to find happiness in material things these days, but through this process, we often lose sight of what really matters to us. Soon, when we become more and more involved in our careers where everything we do is about money and slowly forget what happiness, moments, memories are to us, it might be too late. And isn’t life’s philosophy about realizing in time that there’s so much more to happiness and that sometimes, it’s very easy to get to it? All we need is a shift of attitude sometimes.

A London-based artist and animator named Steve Cutts is taking a long hard look at this “rat race” that all of us are finding ourselves tied to, and is examining our modern sources of joy in a satirical new short film. The film shows us as the “rats” that we’ve become in the eyes of the system. It’s titled after the mysterious high that we thing we are chasing: “Happiness.”

Take 4 minutes out of your time to watch the clip. It will probably give you a reminder of what you’re fighting for in life vs. what you should be fighting for. Make sure to comment down below and let us know what you think of it.

Do you guys agree with the video? Is this the new reality that we’re caught in? It’s never too late to re-set your goal in life which is: happiness. No matter what.

And good luck.

Source: boredpanda

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