This Harry Potter Clothing Line For Adults Is Every Potterhead’s Dream

Wands out! There is actually a Harry Potter clothing line for ADULTS. What a time to be alive.

As a die-hard Potterhead, this just made my day. Harry Potter fashion trends haven’t really been adult-friendly. Sure, it’d be okay to wear your overalls in your own chamber of secrets, but when it comes to streetwear, there weren’t many options. But, these ‘dark times’ have come to an end. There is now a clothing line featuring Harry Potter. From t-shirts to dresses, to shorts, everything is Harry Potter themed.

Magical Icons Cuffed Shorts

These cuffed shorts are must-have from this collection. Patterned with Harry Potter’s glasses, the lightning bolt scar, the Deathly Hallow sign, these are the ultimate summer choice.
harry potter clothing adults


Gryffindor High Waisted Velvet Leggings

Look how beautiful these are! 10 points to Gryffindor.
harry potter clothing adults


Harry’s Christmas Sweater

This is my absolute favorite. I can’t help but imagine Molly knitting this one as a Christmas gift. And what better way to celebrate the Boy Who Lived than wearing ‘his’ Christmas sweater?


Sweet Surprise Ringer Tee

Fred and George would be so proud of you wearing this.
harry potter clothing adults


Hogwarts Shorts Overalls

This color combination screams Ravenclaw and these overalls feature Hogwarts. A perfect duo.
harry potter clothing adults


Patronus Maxi Skirt

Expecto Patronum! Ta-da! You now have a Patronus printed skirt.
harry potter clothing adults


Invisibility Cloak Draped Top

Unfortunately, this piece of clothing doesn’t make you invisible, but it looks fantastic.


Expecto Patronum Tee Dress

This tee dress brings back so many painfully beautiful memories.


Ron’s Christmas Sweater

You can also get the Christmas sweater featuring Ron Weasley. Matchy-matchy with your best friend.


Thestral Crop Top

Thestrals are beautiful creatures. Luna Lovegood can second this for me. This print suits best the cut of this crop top.


Deathly Hallows Crop Top

How beautiful is this Deathly Hallow crop top? Combine it with a pair of black pants and you’re good to go.


Daily Prophet Matte Leggings

Rita Skeeter would definitely approve of these!


Great Lake Maxi Skirt

Look classy with this Great Lake skirt.


Show your love for the Harry Potter world by channeling your inner witch or wizard with the help of these fashionable clothing items.

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