Fashion Brand BlackMilk Launches Hogwarts-Inspired Activewear

First, there was Harry Potter-inspired lingerie and now we have Harry Potter inspired activewear collection. Looks like all our dreams are coming true. If the underwear collection didn’t satisfy your need as a hardcore Harry Potter fan, now you can a rock some gym clothes that will make you look more badass than ever in that yoga class.

The Australian label Black Milk, who manufacture awesome printed leggings, swims, tops and skirts, debuted an activewear collection not just for wizards but also for muggles inspired by J.K. Rowling’s universe. The line that starts at $54 will have something for everyone. You can get Ravenclaw leggings, Hufflepuff sweatshirts or Slytherin tanks. It definitely can’t get better than this.

This working out gear will let you nerd out at the gym.


Now you can own a pair of leggings that have wand holders. I mean pockets.


Just imagine how good your team will look at that Quidditch match. You will be turning heads – that is guaranteed.

Team Hogwarts for the win.


If you are ready to inject some magic into your workouts you can get your hands on this Hogwarts-inspired collection, today December 18 EST.

Just go on their site, BlackMilk Clothing, and then click on the house to which you belong. There you can choose from a variety of products from whichever house you want. You can even surprise your Harry Potter fan friends with something for their next birthday or for Christmas.

I am not particularly a fitness buff and I only go to the gym before bikini time stikes, but these are still comfy pieces I would like to throw on and show off! So I know I’ll be ordering some Slytherin high waisted ninja pants. Oh, and the amazing looking Slytherin spliced sweater.

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