Harry Potter Inspired Nails For The Diehard Fans

Harry Potter fans unite! It’s time for some art. If you’re a die-hard Potterhead, you may have already tried some magical designs, but they can’t compare to these wizardly wonders. In case you are have also decorated your house in the spirit of Potter Christmas, why not adding a bit of magic to your nails, too? There is no such thing as too much wizarding world nail art!

Here are some of PopSugar’s favorite nail art ideas inspired by Hogwarts and everything connected to Harry Potter. Ready to be inspired? If you don’t have a steady hand and a degree in fine art, fear not, muggles. These straightforward designs can be safely tried out at home.

1. Harry and Ron

2. The Sorting Hat

3. Cartoon characters

4. The deathly hallows

Harry Potter nail art inspired by @smaltefy.

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5. Harry Potter in detail

6. Harry Potter in a cartoon

7. Golden touch

8. Harry and Hedwig

Here are my ‘favorite charachter’ nails from this month’s @polishedpotterheads collab! Make sure to check out our hashtag #polishedpotterheads to see all the manis from the collab! I had a hard time choosing who to paint, because there are so many characters that I love, but in the end I had to go for Harry ❤️ Who is your favorite HP character? . Products used: • Pahlish Hufflepuff • Pahlish Gryffindor • OPI Alpine snow • OPI Samoan sand • Snail Vinyls Gift wrap vinyls • Mitty Peachy 000 detail brush • Black and white acrylic paint . . Tutorial will be up tomorrow . . #pahlish #indienailpolish #indiesdoitbetter #nailista #nailblogger #notd #nails #manicure #nailpolishaddict #indienails #indiepolish #instanails #nailstagram #nailporn #nailsofinstagram #snailvinyls #harrypotter #harrypotternails #look_mitty #hpnails #harrypotternailart

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9. Hogwarts House crests

10. Gryffindor

11. Add some glitter

12. Gryffindor as a theme


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13. House crests have never been this fun

14. Platform 9 3/4

15. The chamber of secrets

The chamber of secrets has been opened. Enemies of the heir…beware #alexhpnails

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16. The whomping willow

17. Harry and Dumbledore

Hello! it’s been a bit longer than a week but I’m finally back with a new #booknailspiration mani (my weekly-ish nail art inspired by the book I’m reading) It was time to reread ‘Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince’ ⚡️ This has to be, hands down, one of my absolute favourite books in the series! I love how sassy and brave Harry is (even if he is the exact opposite in the film… ) and seeing how the characters grow and start to like each other was so sweet and adorable!! What is your favourite HP book? (If you had to choose one) ⬇️⬇️ so, nails: I did a simplified @funkopop vinyl recreation of the front cover of the book with Dumbledore protecting himself and Harry from the Inferi with fire And on my pinky I thought I’d do one of the saddest scenes of the book… made me cry so much Well, it was all done #freehand using only #nailpolish I’ll post a tutorial tomorrow of how I did Dumbledore, which just so happens to be my favourite nail I hope you like the #mani and that you’ve had a magical weekend! . . . . #bookaholic #harrypotter #booksandnails #simplynotlogical #freehandnailart #harrypotternails #harrypotternailart #nailart #nails #notd #nailsoftheday #cutenails #craftyfingers #naildesign #uñas #ungles #nailsonpoint #nailitdaily #nailartoohlala #nailartwow #nailartofinstagram #nailartaddict #instanails #harrypotterandthehalfbloodprince #funkopop #harryfunkopop

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18. Harry and Voldemort

Давайте поговорим о любимых клиентах. У вас есть такой человек, который постоянно подталкивает к новым успехам и достижениям? У меня такой человек – @natalya_7177 )) Правдами и неправдами уговорила нарисовать это, ждала 5! месяцев, чтобы я собралась с духом, научилась, потренировалась, а потом еще и 5 часов терпеливо сидела, при этом умудрялась писать поурочные планы в час ночи Хочу сказать тебе спасибо, за то, что ты есть

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19. Voldemort

#voldemort #harrypotter #voldemortnails #harrypotternails

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20. Nimbus 2000

21. I Sorta Like You!

22. Cartoon again

23. Matching the background!

24. Christmas at Hogwarts

25. At Harry Potter World

Here is a secret from the Harry Potter series revealed.

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