You Can Now Buy A Harry Potter Sorting Hat That Actually Talks

I was ten when I read the first Harry Potter book, and though I can’t say that was what kickstarted my love of reading (I was always quite the bookworm), it was the first book I became completely obsessed with.

I devoured it in two days and spent the next several weeks daydreaming and play-pretending that I was a wizard. As you might guess, when my 11th birthday rolled around, I was gravely disappointed that my Hogwarts acceptance letter hadn’t arrived.

I never got to find out which Hogwarts house I’m in until much later, when Pottermore launched but for the new generation of kids who might be facing similar disappointment in their 11th birthday, Target might have just the thing.

It’s a sorting hat that, honestly, looks just like the real one. According to the Instagram account OhTarget, it’s priced at $24.99, and it can talk, move, sing and dance around. Actually, nevermind what I said about it being a gift about kids – I want one.

On the downside, you can’t order these online as they’re only available in stores, but Target does sell another sorting hat that unfortunately does not sing and dance, but it also looks very authentic. You can pretend it’s taking a nap or something. And it would look amazing in your Harry Potter bookshelf – admit it, I know you have one.

Image Credit: Target

If you want to want to spend even more of your hard-earned Galleons on Harry Potter memorabilia, well you’re in luck because Target has a whole collection. And no, it’s not the usual fake glasses, scarves or capes.

For one, they sell the Triwizard Cup for $24.99, and honestly, I’d be scared to touch it in case it transports me to a graveyard where Voldemort is waiting to kill me.

Image Credit: Target

You can also buy a Deathly Hollows lamp to put on your bedside table so you can reread Harry Potter at all hours of the night – as one does.

Image Credit: Target

A Hedwig-shaped pillow, which looks incredibly cuddly and soft.

Image Credit: Target

And Hedwig-shaped bookends to complement your copies of the Harry Potter books.

Image Credit: Target

Well, whoops there went all my money.



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