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A Harry Potter Water Bottle Collection Is Here To Keep You Hydrated

A Harry Potter Water Bottle Collection Is Here To Keep You Hydrated

Harry Potter fans are pretty hardcore fans.

Eleven years after the last book was released, and eight years since we saw the last of the movies play out on the big screen, dedicated Potterheads have kept the fanbase alive and thriving. Seeing as many of us literally grew up with the series, it’s really no wonder that people still keep producing fanart of the characters, rereading the books and going on regular movie marathons. And of course, buying new merchandise.

Just recently, Primark released Molly Weasley’s hand-knitted Christmas sweaters – that’s right, the sweaters she makes each of her family members for Christmas which feature the initial of their name. I have a feeling those will sell out pretty quick during the holidays.

But there’s really no shortage of choice when it comes to getting a Harry Potter-inspired gift for someone, be it a notebook, item of clothing, accessories and even a water bottle.

Now, if you’re giving yourself the goal of drinking more water during the day, (or you’re just in need of a new water bottle), and if you also happen to be a Harry Potter fan, then I have got just the thing for you.

Harry Potter water bottle collection

You can get these Harry Potter-inspired reusable water bottles on S’well for only $20 each while supplies last.

They come in four different designs: one with a Hogwarts emblem, one displaying the Hogwarts Quidditch team logo, one with all the house crests, and one showing Harry’s glasses and scar.

The bottles have a leak-free top, are composed of double-walled, insulated stainless steel and can hold 15oz of liquid. But remember if you get one, they’re not dishwasher friendly so only wash them by hand.

And I think you’re pretty much set if you were looking to get the Harry Potter fan in your life a gift.


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