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Having A Big Bottom And The Struggles That Come With It

Having A Big Bottom And The Struggles That Come With It

Yes, having a big booty is all fun and games until it comes to struggles people with big booties have to deal with. And, yes, experience talking here. And, no I am not really showing off. *She says as she shows off* There are all kinds of problems in this world, having a big breast, having a big bottom, having a big nose or long legs and so on and so forth. Does it really matter? Not really, as long as you feel comfortable with your curves.

Since you are here, you or your friend are probably facing the big booty struggles so don’t miss out to share this piece with them and have a gag together. Let us all gather together and relate to the day-to-day problems we have to put up with.

Hop on and let us see the struggles one by one.

1. Wearing dresses or skirts

You will be feeling and looking like you are going clubbing at any time of the day. Long in the front, short in the back.

Instagram | @lotty_h

2. Wearing low-rise jeans

Wanna know about the worst enemy of girls with big booties? Well, you have that in the title.

Giphy | Giphy


3. Belt loops

Dealing with ripped belt loops is an everyday struggle for us. We’re in this together chicas.

Make Thrift Mend | Make Thrift Mend


4. Tight Jeans

When you wear very tight jeans you always expect the moment when our butt won’t hold anymore and split open at any time.

Where To Get | Where To Get


5. Wearing Shorts

Let us name the second worst enemy of having a big booty. Yeah, well, shorts.

Twitter | @Bon_Bonzz

6. Wearing leggings

Yes, we love anytime that we get to wear leggings even though they can be a pain in the a$$, literally.

Giphy | Giphy

7. Wearing patterned shorts or pants.

You simply laugh in the face of patterned shorts or pants. Wearing something with a busy design like that is basically a big flashing sign on your butt saying, “Hey! Look at me and my butt!”

Instagram | @xoxokuromi

10. Walking up the stairs

Walking up the stairs in front of everybody is your worst nightmare. You just know that people are staring at you. I mean, maybe they’re not, but it sure feels like it.

Suggested Post | Suggested Post


16. Dancing with butt songs

Any time a song about big butts comes on (which is way more often than you’d think), you feel like you have to dance.

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17. Hitting people with it

Yup, sometimes you forget how big it is and you keep hitting people

Pinterest | LessyPooh

19. People know you for it

Your butt is basically what people know you for. Well, the people that don’t know you for your awesome personality and amazing sense of humor, of course.

Giphy | Giphy

But, you know what? Be proud of it chicas!

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