Wearing Headphones For Too Long Can Cause Blackheads In Your Ear

Most of the people you see on the street when you take public transport, are usually listening to music with headphones. And it’s so cool to get lost in your own little world where no one else is allowed, just you and your thoughts.

And people who use headphones or earphones are not only listen to their favorite music, but also an audiobook or a call with a friend/family/partner.


Some people seem to always have earphones in their ears so have you ever asked yourself what actually happens when you wear headphones for too long?


Ears are a very sensitive part of the body so even slight damage to your eardrum can cause damage to your hearing. So it is good to always limit the amount of time you keep them in your ears. According to doctors, wearing headphones too long can cause blackheads in your ears.


Yes, blackhead who are a lot like pimples and you usually get them on your face, chest and back. They can be pretty annoying.

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According to The American Academy of Dermatology, about 50 million Americans deal with blackheads and acne. Now it turns out that ears have the same glands that release natural oil into the hair follicles.


To take care of this issue, you should definitely limit the amount of time you use headphones because if you wear the too long, you can develop blackheads in there. Or maybe try earbuds like these.


Except for not using them for a long time, you can check your earbuds and look for any dirt or dust before you put these things in your ears.

Make sure to clean or wash them.


Use gentle soap and water to remove the dirt. Make sure to not submerge your earbuds into water because you can damage the wires. Use a cloth to clean them more gently.


Finally, before cleaning your headphones, remove them from the electronic device because you can damage your ears and device as well.


The other important thing to do is to make sure you wash your ears regularly, every time you shower.


Practicing ear hygiene is very easy. You can clean them with a cotton bud or wash them in the shower or bath.

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