10+ Heartwarming Acts Of Kindness That Will Make You Smile

The world would be such a better place if we had more acts of kindness in everyday life. Talking about kindness, one saying that makes total sense comes into my mind. “Kindness is the language that the deaf can hear and the blind can see”- Mark Twain. By that said, being kind to one another reaches the souls of everyone out there.

Noticing that someone is in need of a helping hand, opening your eyes and being active to the ones in need, starting doing acts of kindness is something you can start practicing, today. And in case you are in need of some inspiration of kindness acts, take a look at these 15 stories that will for sure restore your faith in humanity.


1. Offering a helping hand

“A couple of months ago, an elderly lady asked me to walk her home because she was scared she was going to slip on the ice. We’ve become friends and now I walk her home almost every day.”

heartwarming acts of kindness

Source: Carl Manley



2. The hero of all time

The man in the picture is the hero of all time. Anthony Borges, 15 used his body to hold a classroom door shut. This way he protected 20 other students inside as the gunman fired through the door, hitting him five times.

heartwarming acts of kindness

Source: h8ed-program



3. The awarded Officer

The Officer on the picture talked the man out of committing suicide. After eight years passed, the now-father-of-two gave the officer an award at the American Foundation of Suicide.

heartwarming acts of kindness



4. Elderly people are the cutest

“There is a local group that cuts lawns for the elderly, disabled, and single parent mothers for free. Here they are with my grandma.”

heartwarming acts of kindness

Source: rolltideburr



5. Simply adorable

“She took me in 15 years ago and no one makes me as happy. We had the best Xmas. I love my grandma so much.”

Source: Faris-Hilton



6. I. Can’t.

Randomly hugging strangers. OMG, I love it!

Source: itsallhistory



7. I got this, stranger

A stranger helping out a stranger who was struggling with his tie.

Source: LyssaP



8. This put me to tears

Just a happy nurse getting ready to hug her former patient who was paralyzed from the waist down.

Source: harlesm



9. This is beyond beautiful

This 7-year-old donated $20 from Piggy Bank to help Vandalized Mosque. He always wanted an Apple iPad, so he got one.

Source: Arsalan Iftikhar (TheMuslimGuy.com)



10. Uber driver to the rescue

“This is my uber driver Beni, he took me to the hospital and [sic] keeping me company since most of my family lives out of the state.”

Source: super_slide



11. I simply love seeing acts like this

Just solving math homework for his son with a stranger on the subway.

Source: Denise Wilson



12. One of the many ways to show kindness

Waiter helping to feed the disabled lady so her husband can finish his meal.

Source: attheisstt



13. Not all heroes wear capes

Pararescueman Sgt. Mike Maroney reunited with a girl he saved 10 years ago during Hurricane Katrina.

Source: 1Voice1Life



14. Let the act speak for itself

“So my dads tire blew up on the freeway and this dude, with a confederate flag tattoo, wearing a confederate flag t-shirt, with confederate flag car stickers, stopped and changed our tire. My mind is blown, don’t judge a book by its cover y’all.”

Source: Chan_the_world


Which one of these acts was your favorite? Let us know in the comments’ section.


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