12+ Hair Hacks That Might Come In Handy When Doing Your Hair

A good hair day is… a good day. And a bad hair day is pretty much a bad mood day. I’m pretty sure you will agree when I say hair is an instant booster when it comes to your mood. And, especially when choosing an outfit. If you want to rock a messy bun because you weren’t up early enough to curl or even straighten your hair, then you need to wear a shirt that is a nice fit to a messy bun. Maybe it’s just me but certain hairstyles match certain outfits. And when my hair is good, then any outfit could do.

But, truly, waking up an extra half an hour or extra hour to wash your hair or get the hairstyle you want can sometimes be a struggle. I mean, it might seem like a great idea in the evening before, but once you’re in bed and the alarm starts ringing, you could cancel even the most important of events for five more minutes of sleep. C’est la vie! A messy bun it is.

So, scroll below to see some hacks that might come in handy when you’re trying to achieve a good hairstyle.


1. You only need to use conditioner on the bottom three-quarters of your hair since your head provides enough moisture for the roots. That is unless you have a really dry scalp.

helpful hair hacks
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2. In order for the bobby pins not to slide, spray them with dry shampoo or hairspray before using them.

helpful hair hacks
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3. A wide-tooth comb will cause less damage to your hair.

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4. A good dry shampoo can save your time as well as your mood.

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5. Curly-haired girls can opt for apple cider vinegar instead of shampoo since most shampoos contain sulfates that might remove the natural oils from your hair.

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6. If you have curly hair, you shouldn’t cut your hair while wet since you might end up with the length you did not intentionally plan.

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7. If you want a longer ponytail but don’t have long hair, try hiding a lower ponytail underneath a high ponytail.

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8. Your hairstyling machines can work wonders if only you knew the different ways you can use them.

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9. Brushing your hair before washing it instead of when its wet can reduce the damage.

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10. All you need to do to keep the baby hairs in control is spray hairspray on a toothbrush and comb the annoying baby hairs with it.

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11. If you dry your hair with a t-shirt you can reduce the frizz since regular towels cause a lot of friction.

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12. A silk pillowcase instead of a cotton one can protect your hair.

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13. Insert your bobby pins’ wavy side down so it stays put.

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14. Learn one hairstyle perfectly. If nothing works, then at least you can rock a french braid (or any of your choosing).

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15. You shouldn’t use too much product on your hair. It might strip your hair of their natural look.

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Source: Diply