The Hidden Message Behind These 10 Most Famous Tattoos

Ever since the stigma behind tattoos has decreased, more and more people are inking their bodies. While some people opt for simple designs that they think are pretty, some go for something that truly resonates in their bones.

Even though thousands of people may have the same tattoo, such as infinities, flowers.. etc, everyone tries to add a few details to truly personalize the tattoos and make them unique.

However, there are reasons why people pick the same idea for their ink, and it is all due to what these ideas represent.

Curious about why people pick certain tattoos t? Here is the hidden meaning 10 of the most popular tattoos.

1. A semicolon

A semicolon represents continuity. In linguistics, it means that the sentence doesn’t end there, so it continues.

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2. Butterflies

People who opt for butterflies are expressing how free, beautiful and powerful they feel.

Source: Ink Vivo


3. A Feather

A feather could represent two things: 1. The trait of a bird such as truth, courage, bravery, freedom and travel. And 2. The death or loss of a loved one.

Source: Power of Positivity


4. The Om symbol

In Sanskrit, the word Om is a sacred and spiritual word that represents the beginning and end of life.

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5. An anchor

Holding it down…

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6. Zodiac signs

Zodiac signs. Celebrating astrology is another tattoo trend people tend to go for.

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7. A lotus flower

A lotus flower is symbol that holds a spiritual meaning. In Buddhism, it represents purity of the mind, body and spirit.

Source: Love Ambie


8. The infinity symbol

It’s not a tattoo strictly for lovers. It holds a much deeper meaning than infinite love. It symbolizes eternity, empowerment and an everlasting moment.

Source: Wrist Tattoo Pictures


9. Dream-catchers

A dream-catcher was designed to catch nightmares inside its web, allowing the nice ones to flow through. And the tattoo holds much the same meaning.

Source: TattooZZa


10. Roses

It is a beautiful flower, right? Well, its meaning is even more beautiful. It represents love, passion, beauty, and strength. If the rose tattoo is adorned with thorns, it means the person is going through some struggles.

hidden message tattoos

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