16 Hilarious Geniuses Who Completely Broke The System

Oh, rules-schmules! Who cares what your partner thinks, or society, or even the world? Rules exist for one reason and one reason only: to be broken! It’s not like there is a good reason for them being introduced in the first place, right? Someone just felt like saying a chair is meant to be sat on, so you should just listen to him? What if you want to put the chair on your head? Who is gonna stop you, the chair police? I didn’t think so.

That’s the kind of free spirit, out-of-the-box thinking and just plain recklessness that we admire, don’t we? People who come up with these genius ways to beat the system are just so inspiring! They inspire us to laugh and laugh and shake our heads in disbelief… Here are 16 people who boldly went where no-one had dared venture before, with hilarious consequences, obviously. This list was originally compiled by Diply.

1. What do you get when you combine your love for assembling IKEA furniture and eating takeaway? This:


Instagram | @kalesalad

2. Syobaahmad, what are you doing, man? 7 wasn’t one of the options provided! You’ll ruin the magic trick!


Instagram | @kalesalad

3. Some people just want to see the world regress to the stone age.


Twitter | @worldstar

4. It was that easy to get your grade bumped up? Guess those psychology lessons aren’t as useless as I thought…


Twitter | @worldstar

5. Just when you thought there was nothing worse than driving a Prius, someone comes up with this…


Instagram | @will_ent

6. Now you can spend those hours sitting on the throne and browsing the Internet much more comfortably!


Instagram |

7. Two words. Check. Mate.


Imgur | OctopussSevenTwo

8. Excellent parenting! Your kids need to learn to lie convincingly and back their lies with solid proof, don’t they?


Instagram | @kalesalad

9. They didn’t let her write what she wanted. She didn’t let them stop her.


Imgur | eduncipation

10. Speech level: over 9000! Such a talent for words would be absolutely wasted if not employed in the field of sales!


Instagram | @unilad

11. Trust an engineer to repurpose a kinky toy into a food-preservation tool


Twitter | @shiku___

12. Oh, yes, who doesn’t love a glass-filled burrito? Delicious! Especially when you bite the bottle and break your teeth! Yummy!


Twitter | @jodiekinzzz

13. No guts, no glory!


Reddit | ClashOfTheEnder

14. Secret agencies hate him. Joe Public exposes secret mirror conspiracy!


Instagram | @kalesalad

15. So, now he can just chill in the bedroom, while the rest of them party downstairs! Or is this a completely different kind of “party”?!


Reddit | jaydunlop

16. And finally, here he is: the chair-head man! What? it’s better than getting soaked to the bone…


Reddit | harris0n11

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Source: Diply