15 Hilarious Photos Of Things Gone Wrong

At this point, it’s safe to assume that most of the things we see on the internet don’t actually look as good. From the countless online shopping disappointments, all the way to ridiculous inventions, we have a feeling we shouldn’t really trust everything we see on the internet. The reality of things is often worse than the viral version.

To prove our point, we’ll be looking at a few items which we can easily label as ‘different,’ ‘random’ and even ‘funny’ when compared to their online appearance. Let’s just say the whole “expectation vs. reality” format is making a comeback and we are loving it! Let’s take a look at some of the most ridiculous outcomes of these internet fails that we’re glad we didn’t have to deal with ourselves. We guarantee you’ll have a laugh!

1. Bling bling basketball hoop


Source: Imgur | AtomicBuritto

We get the whole thing about being too extra, but wouldn’t dunking on this hoop cost you bucks? We think this basketball fan might have taken it a bit far.


2. Cute facemask gone horribly wrong


Source: Reddit | Grizz_Warrior

Imagine you saw this cute package on the store and decided to give it a go! Let’s just say your skin may calm down but you and certainly others around you won’t! At least you have Halloween covered for this year!


3. Sponge Bob, is that you?


Source: Reddit | toss_my_potatoes

We don’t even have words for this one- How can it be so completely different? And wait, did they actually use real sponges to create this costume?! Gotta give them credit for being funny though!


4. All and all it’s just another brick in the wall


Source: Reddit | tigercoffee

Whoever did that drawing is really mean! Funny sure, but also mean! But also, what was the driver thinking? Shouldn’t they have noticed the drawing of the HUGE bird nearby?

5. The purrrfect fit!


Source: Reddit | beroemd

This one is not an actual fail! That top seems way cuter on the cat than on that model – sorry but that’s just how things are. If that cat had an Instagram account, she’d have gotten some mad Insta likes!


6. This is why I don’t do holidays


Source: Reddit | leightravels

Thank you for the offer but I do not want to swim on what appears to be a mysterious green sludge.


7. Still can’t get used to these new fashion trends


Source: Twitter | @martynhett

Especially when they involve McDonald’s bags and shoes! I mean, how did that happen? Was there really no other option than that?


8. Online shopping nightmares

Source: Instagram | @kalesalad

This one sure wouldn’t fit the cat. Not only is the size wrong, so is the color! Why would you do this to us Urban Outfitters, WHY??


9. Why not turn your pasta blue?


Source: Reddit | PewtsxD

Might this just be the worst idea since unsliced bread? Sure it looks cool but the taste must be truly horrible.

I mean, I guess it looks kinda cool, but isn’t that gonna taste…well, awful?


10. Neon stairs from hell


Source: Imgur

We admit, they do look cool AF but imagine you get home from a night out drinking like never before? What do you do then? Sleep op the floor? No thanks.


11. Who needs a good, working practical car?


Source: Reddit | MixedTrail

Not sure how you’d even get inside of this one but at least you can fly in it. Looks like it came straight outta some Red Bull commercial tbh.


12. All abroad the Murphy Mobile


Source: Reddit | Pulp_Dog

Funny or freaky? You decide. Imagine having to drive behind it for some hours though. It would be a memorable road trip, that’s for sure.


13. Who stole Daenery’s dragon eggs?


Source: Twitter | @mvzenxx

We honestly love this one. Sure we wouldn’t touch it with a stick, let alone eat it, but how awesome is that pic?


14. Right in the feels



Source: Reddit | Aethelric

This kid is going places. We must say though, 100 is a bit too high. How about we lower it down a notch? 10 maybe?


15. Best pillowcase EVER!



Source: Reddit | aad51423

How amazing is this one? I mean why would you want a pillowcase with a dinosaur when you can have a pillowcase of a kid sleeping on a dinosaur?


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