10+ Hilarious Wedding Fails That Guests Will Certainly Remember

Wedding season is HERE! And it has begun with quite a huge wedding (read: Saturday’s Royal Wedding). But no, apart from the royal one, there are also other weddings going on in each corner of the world at this period of time. I have never organized my own wedding, mostly because I am not married heh, but I know the stress that goes on while trying to make everything go according to plan. But just as it is with life, not all things go the way you plan them, and there is sometimes simply nothing you can do.

The wedding dress/suit, the guests, the flowers, the place, the photographs, the invitations, the weather. There are just so many things to stress about in the hope that it will all be worth it at the end of the day. Which most of the times it is the case. But what if your wedding didn’t go as planned, after all? There is still beauty and fun in spontaneity.

#WeddingFails is Jimmy Fallon’s legendary hashtag challenge, and it has brought people together by sharing the cringe-worthy moments and experiences from different weddings. Drunk moms, problematic kids, outfit malfunctions, I mean things that happen.

See below for a list of these moments, make sure to note your favorite, and yeah why not share a personal one in the comments’ section. We are all up for a laugh or two.



1. I honestly wouldn’t know what to think of this picture if the caption below wasn’t available.


Source: Chase_Rich


2. You need a sense of humor to smirk at this one.

Source: mikesweeps124


3. Ouch.

Source: JazzLov05299135


4. “The military grade perimeter search ensued.”

Source: TrimTabMinds


5. So, did he?

Source: tina_como


6. Mike and Tracy it is!



7. A mad wifey?

Source: AuroraWailer


8. At least she sang something.

Source: heyitseleanore


9. Same.

Source: fotodog


10. But, what did she want to say?

Source: TylerHughs


11. Now the seagull is part of that wedding stories too, at least.

Source: kingedhill


12. When football is life.

Source: _Saffy_Taffy


13. Let’s hope it didn’t go straight into her hair.

Source: shays151


14. True LOVE.

Source: Mr_Stanger


15. I mean, cupcakes can be in tiers too.

Source: AuthorSHLove
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