12+ Historical Pictures To Give You A Rare Glimpse Into The Past

Not only is photography a way of artistic expression, but also a way to capture the everyday moments in our lives that we will look back at in a few years and will cherish forever. It allows for a person to share a unique moment from a faraway place with people who would never have gotten the chance to see it otherwise.

It can be used to spread awareness, for political reasons, and, for the photographer at least, to see the world in a different way. After all, as the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Other than that, a photograph is a way to get a glimpse into a time that’s long gone. We can see how the world looked a hundred years ago, what people wore, how they acted. We can witness important historical moments, and see how the things and places we’ve learned about in history class actually looked like.

So, scroll down to see a list of historical pictures which will give you a little glimpse into the past:

1. Salvador Dali out for a walk with his anteaters, Paris, 1969

Source: © Scientific American


2. Kids play in the ruins after the D-Day Invasion in Normandy, France, 1947

Source: © blrghh/imgur.com


3. Nuclear weapon test on Enewetak Atoll, November, 1952

Source: © wikimedia.org


4. A picturesque Swiss village, Grindelwald, 1900

Source: © wikimedia.org


5. Che Guevara with his second wife Aleida March ride in a US-made car on their wedding day, Havana, 1959

Source: © Old7777/reddit.com


6. A foot guard passed out while Queen Elizabeth II rode past during a parade, June 1970

Source: © namraka


7. Switch operator posing by the Trans-Siberian Railroad, Russian Empire, 1910

Source: © autosear/imgur.com


8. Mohammed Alim Khan, the last direct descendant of Genghis Khan, the first Great Khan of the Mongol Empire, 1911

Source: © Sergey Prokudin-Gorsky/wikimedia.org


9. Walt Disney showing a picture of Mickey Mouse to his cat, 1931

Source: © NiNagore/reddit.com


10. Adolf Hitler meeting King Prajadhipok of Thailand, 1934

Source: © notsocourageous/reddit.com


11. A French woman pours a hot cup of tea for a British soldier fighting in Normandy, 1944

Source: © lattesbitches/reddit.com


12. A colorized image of a soldier from New Zealand resting and smoking a pipe in the deserts of North Africa, 1942

Source: © rwwhite20/reddit.com


13. Stonehenge, pictured in 1897

historical pictures
Source: © rsan_jay/reddit.com


14. A lama riding in a taxi in New York City, 1957

historical pictures
Source: © KinnerNevada/reddit.com

15. Mark Twain in Nicola Tesla’s lab (the two were actually good friends)

historical pictures
Source: © wikimedia.org

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