Get Your Home In Shape With These 20 Storage Cube Hacks

Usually, no matter what, at some point in your life, you struggle with putting everything in order to save some extra space in your home.
Here is one suggestion and a great solution for all your things that you don’t seem to storage properly. Storage cubes. Even though they can be kinda boring but don’t worry. Scroll down for some amazing ideas and cube hacks, courtesy of Diply. These will not only save you extra space but they look stunning too.

1. DIY Doll house

I was dreaming for one of these as a kid. It looks pretty and your kid will be more than happy to have a place for her dolls to live and sleep.


Source: Land Of Nod

2. Craft table on wheels

You can place it anywhere you like and move it around while working. Well, it is simply ideal for crafting. Plus, you can store everything you need in it.’


Source: Family Handy Man

3. Changing table hack

This one is similar, but without the wheels. It is actually a cube bookshelf from IKEA. This table has enough space for all the towels, wipes, diapers and even some toys.


Source: Young House Love

4. Record player and stereo table

It is perfect for your stereo and for your records as well.


Source: One Good Thing By Jillee

5. Nightstand hack

These ones are a must for our bedrooms. There is never, never, enough space on your small nightstand, right? Well, this is really cheap and plus it looks amazing.


Source: The Every Girl

6. Laundry room storage

The laundry rooms can be really small for all the stuff you need to be placed there. Well, these are ideal for there.


Source: Pinterest

7. Headboard storage unit

Take a look at these. It almost acts like your second wall and you can keep there almost every little thing that you need every day, plus you can display all the things you want.


Source: DIY Network

8. Display shelves

These adorable cubs can be in any size you want and you can arrange them as you wish. They are perfect for the kids’ rooms.


Source: Miss Cutie Pie Goes ’80s

9. Reading nook with storage

In order to have your books where you need them the most. Plus, no one would guess that you keep books there. It is so practical, two in one.


Source: Pinterest

10. Locker room storage

This is one way to elevate a bookshelf for a hockey lover’s room.
You can cover some things and you can display some too.


Source: Pinterest

11. Chalkboard desk with storage

Well, isn’t this just amazing? Using an IKEA table top and two legs with a set of storage cubes and you have an ultimate desk with optimal storage.


Source: Pinterest

12. Play room market setup

Another awesome idea for your children’s room. The market is in your house now. It can be a dream come true.


Source: So You Think You Can Craft

13. Table seating

Well, this is beyond genius. You can use the chairs to keep some things which will save you a lot of space. It would be simply great in the kid’s playroom.


Source: Shanty 2 Chic

14. Hidden play area

This can be perfect for almost every room. In your hall or in your living room no one would know that you keep plenty stuff there.


Source: Thrifty And Chic

15. Vinyl storage

This gorgeous cubes will be ideal for you to storage your coolest vinyl.


Source: Pinterest

16. Hallway storage

Gorgeous, practical and so useful. You would be able to store everything you need it to be placed in your hallway.


Source: Container Store

17. Coffee table

This adorable coffee table on wheels is another excellent idea for storage.


Source: Pinterest

18. Chic Bar Cart

Transform your old fashioned and huge bar into futuristic one, with these neat storage cubes. You could add wheels to make it mobile.


Source: The Every Girl

19. Buffet style storage table

This is perfect for all those who won’t go completely white and modern. It has some a rustic chic, ’70s vibe there.


Source: A Piece Of Rainbow

20. Under the bed storage

Last, but definitely not least. Whit this hack, you get not only ample under the bed storage but also a bed frame at a fraction of the cost.


Source: Instructables
From: diply

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