The Simplest Makeup Remover That You Can Make At Home

Most people dedicate a considerate amount of time to do their makeup when they go out, but then most people (hi!) forget to remove it after they get back home. I know how post party can be tiring, but this little mistake can be very bad news for our fine lines and wrinkles.

If we are lazy or forget to remove foundation, eyeliner, and mascara before going to bed, the residue can really play out a dangerous role in our skin throughout the night. Not only does it contribute to clogging our pores and leading to acne breakouts, but it also causes aging. Moreover, if not removed properly, some eye makeup can even cause eye infections and we don’t want that. You see, while we are sleeping, our skin is working to renew itself, so what happens when we sleep with our makeup on? Well, we stop that important process from taking place. Sometimes, no matter how committed you are about taking off your makeup before you head off to bed, you will still come across some smudged mascara the morning after.

The most delicate part of the face is the eye area and also the one area that is especially prone to dry skin and wrinkles, which is mostly caused by the harsh chemicals in some makeup removers. Furthermore, some makeup removers even contain preservatives such as formaldehyde and fragrances that can lead to allergic reactions. That is why organic products made with natural ingredients that we probably already have at home, nourish and moisturize the skin around our eyes. My personal rule when it comes to choosing products is, if you can’t pronounce the ingredients, your face won’t like it. Okay, I totally made that up, but you get the point.

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In fact, it’s not so long ago that I would spend half my salary on skin care products. Anti-aging, anti-acne, anti-you-name-it, anti-I-got-it. But then I discovered that simple make-up remover towelettes from drugstore will do. I mean, I was saving tons of money, like $5 a month seems like a great deal right? That is until I started looking labels on the foods we ate and the products we used. I was shocked to find out that the brand of makeup remover towelettes contained some very questionable ingredients. You know, the ones that I could not pronounce. Then I switched to baby wipes, however, I thought why use baby wipes when you could make your own DIY makeup remover wipes using natural and simple ingredients?

I searched online, and the simplest one I found, works wonders on my skin, so here’s what you need to do.

homemade makeup remover
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First of all, you need to gather the ingredients, which include a glass container or a simple mason jar, essential oil of your choice, olive oil (or any other kind of oil), and of course, cotton pads or rounds. I personally choose lavender as my go-to essential oil because of the calming effect and lovely aroma it has. As for the oil, I personally love coconut oil, but any oil will work as all of them are natural makeup removers. Moreover, olive oil works way more than just salad dressing. Because it is rich in vitamin E, it’s perfect to use since it helps keep your skin feeling supple while calming irritation at the same time. Plus, both coconut oil and olive oil contribute in eliminating dryness and dissolving makeup so that it easily slides without leaving any irritation aside. Take the jar and add two or three drops of essential oil, half the cotton pads, then add coconut oil. Make sure that you seal the container tightly when not in use.

homemade makeup remover
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BONUS: If you’re planning on traveling and taking these baddies with you, please make sure you invest in a leak-proof container beforehand. You’re welcome.

Have you tried DIY natural makeup removers for yourself? Let us know what worked best for you in the comments below.


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