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This Horse Decided To “Bail” On The Horse Race To Walk Into A Bar

This Horse Decided To “Bail” On The Horse Race To Walk Into A Bar

Let me start this article with a curiosity that maybe, just maybe you didn’t know before. In case you didn’t know it, now you have a chance to. Horses have been man’s original best friend since anywhere from 4000 to 2000 B.C. These beautiful creatures have taken us wherever we’ve asked them to, including the fields of battle.

They are brave to the point they’re not afraid to enter a bar. Yes, you read that right dear reader. Just recently, when a racehorse took place near a prestigious French course, a horse decided to enter into the bar clearing it of the costumers in a few seconds.

The whole drama was caught in the security cameras of the bar, and it looks like a joke coming straight out of a joke book.

The costumers in the bar were simply chilling in the bar at Chantilly, north of Paris, when the diva makes her appearance.

Although she was there for a race, she instead decides to kick out. I mean, a horse gotta do what she gotta do. In the footage, she is seen knocking over chairs while heading straight for the betting counter.

The people who were at the bar when the horse drama happened, are seen in the video rushing as quickly as possible – including the ones who were there serving.

Jean-Marie Beguigne, who is the horse’s trainer, said that the horse had dumped her rider at the prestigious Chantilly Race Course stables, less than a mile away.

Horse walks into a bar

The horse’s trainer, Mr. Beguigne admitted for Ouest France newspaper that apparently the rider fell off between the track and the stables. Before entering the bar, the filly escaped by going on to the road, and crossing a roundabout.

The filly’s name remains unknown, however, Mr. Beguigne does admit that no one was hurt, and even the horse ‘showed no trauma or anxiety.’

The trainer said the horse ‘had a penchant for escape’, but considered it incredible that she made for a PMU bar.

PMU stands for Pari Mutuel Urbain, France’s state-controlled betting system. PMU bars all have betting counters, and screens that show races.

Horse walks into a bar

In the footage, the filly is seen sending chairs and tables flying at the betting shop with an unruly saddle falling off of its body.

On the other hand, the owner of the Chantilly PMU bar, Stephane Jasmin, said:

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She pushed the door open, and raced straight for the betting corner. Then the filly turned around, breaking a table and chairs. We’ve never seen anything like it.

She also admits that, a crowd of drinkers had just left to take a train before the horse arrived a week ago, Monday, September 24, at around 10 am.

This is the first time that a stray horse decided to bless the bar with its presence, and scaring the costumers away.

Look at the footage for yourself:

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