12+ Hospitable Hotels That Made Their Guests Happy

At some point in our lives, almost all of us had to book hotels. If not yet, at least in the future we’re going to. On the other hand, some people because of work or various reasons have to go to hotels often, so they know what to expect. However, sometimes expectations meet reality and surpass it, not talking here about major issues such as clean bedrooms and tasty food. Some hotels just know how to make their guests happy in various forms. At the end of the day, not only the guest will remain content and with a hope to visit that hotel again, but also the revenues of that business will increase and they will get the best reviews from them.

See below some of the best examples of hotels that pleased the guests so much that they had to share it online:


1. “The TV in our hotel room has easily accessible HDMI and USB sockets.”

Source: © Phelan/Reddit


2. A hotel somewhere in Europe offers you to rent a fish just in case you’re traveling alone.

Source: © not for labels/Reddit


3. You can turn on the water without having to get in the shower.

Source: © Jamie_017/twitter


4. Okay about tiny shampoos but how about rubber ducks? How awesome is this!

Source: © aufwachen/Reddit


5. Imagine having a rope to turn the lights on and off. There you have it!

Source: © PizzaOrTacos/Reddit


6. Elevator button in the hallway, so the elevator will wait for you.

Source: © belleri7/reddit


7. How about a fresh remote?

Source: © MrTallest/Reddit


8. “I found a Stargate in my hotel.”

Source: © manly beer/twitter


9. You can take this cellphone for free during the day and why not take pictures with it.

Source: © Eyeyeyeyeyeyeye/Reddit


10. “This robot delivered a roll of toilet paper to my hotel room in Cupertino.”

Source: © diegocorazon/Reddit


11. Do you want a puppy? There you have it.

Source: © analyzing/imgur


12. We all hate using our white towel to clean our makeup. In this hotel, you have a towel separated specifically for makeup.

Source: © DasAdam/twitter


13. A kind reminder.

Source: © 10585900/reddit


14. “The hotel I’m staying at in Brazil has a remote that comes with an immediate soccer-watching button.”

Source: © Usernametakenha/Reddit


15. Just in case you want only the half of it lit, a hotel in Japan offers you that.

Source: © Nokqua/Reddit

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