A Hospital In California Lets Young Patients Drive To The Operating Rooms In Tiny Cars

The Doctors Medical Center in Modesto, California has thought of their young patients and bought two tiny vehicles for the children to drive to the operating room to help them relieve stress before the surgeries.

The medical center shared an adorable video on their Facebook page which shows a little girl driving a tiny, pink Volkswagen Beetle. The post reads “We can see the stress and anxiety melt away when they hop in the car.”

Little patients in the pediatrics wing drive around the medical center with their little cars which are used as a mode of transportation to the operating room.

hospital little cars young patients

According to the post, the sweet little patient’s name is Caroline, taking out the pink Beetle to show off her driving skills.

hospital little cars young patients

The pink Beetle is not the only car at the Doctors Medical Center. The hospital has another one, a black Mercedes which they bought, whereas the pink one was a donation.

The tradition of letting children drive cars to the surgery was first introduced last year and inspired a worker there to buy another one so that there would be two cars for young patients to choose.

According to a post shared in March, the medical center explained that “the new pink car was generously donated by one of our employees and her family.”

hospital little cars young patients

The video of the young patient driving around the hospital quickly went viral and the medical center was praised for their creative thinking, as well as for making the children’s experience there less scary.

“It’s wonderful to see a smile instead of worry/fear,” commented a person, while another one added, “Way to go, this is so wonderful.”

The hospital suggested anyone send them an email if they have similar cars to donate, as there were many people who wanted to contribute, according to the comments’ section

There’s nothing better than seeing children all smiles!


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