Wanna Take A Bite? Grab A Hot Dog And Go For A Ride

The beauty of art lays on not restricting yourself inside the conventional boundaries and being a form of self-expression. That’s exactly what Nail Sunny’s principles are. Not restricting themselves and letting their imagination and ideas flow.

So, just when you thought ‘squeezing milk nails’ were the wackiest ones… Nail Sunny is showing the contrary. With the latest wacky and not kitschy nail ideas, they are showing us new challenging and creative ways to embellish our nails.

Most of the nail ideas below are for aesthetic purpose only, so before you lose it about its non-practicality, watch and enjoy the creativity.


Jeep Nails

Wanna go for a ride?

hot dog nails

Just in case you are complaining about not having a car… here you have one.

Black can never be the wrong choice.

Glitter as well.

hot dog nails jeep

See the video for more details:

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Hot Dog Nails

If you like your manicures a bit meatier than the usual French polish, we got the perfect solution.

Nail Sunny has created hot dog nails with an array of condiments. Suddenly, I am feeling a bit hungry.

hot dog nails

There’s no shame in this game, as Nail Sunny even encourages its followers to come up with more outlandish ideas.

hot dog nails

To give a more realistic tough, they even drizzled actual ketchup all over the hands and nails. Yum or not yum?

hot dog nails

Play the video below for more:

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Feet Manicure

From the hot dog nails to taking ‘feet manicure’ to a whole new level. I bet you are scratching your head right now like many of the followers. Meanwhile, I am scratching my head from all the creativity that is going on here.
hot dog nails

Such an intricate design, indeed!

Not leaving out the details, they sculpt out each toe, file curves into every foot and mark each joint.

hot dog nails feet manicure

The nail artist goes on to add red polish to each separate toenail.

hot dog nails feet manicure

Play the video to see the whole mani process:

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Source: Nail_sunny


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