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How To Get Rid Of Greasy Hair?

How To Get Rid Of Greasy Hair?

We all like the feeling of freshly clean hair as it makes us feel ready to conquer the world. And in a way it makes us feel more confident to end the day.

Well, yes, but for some people, this feeling lasts only until the morning of the other day. You go and look at yourself in the mirror and what to see. Your hair has gotten as oily as the frying pan when you’re about to cook.  How to get rid of greasy hair we ask?

We get annoyed and ask ourselves what have we done to deserve this? Why does our friend’s hair stays glamorous for 5 days in a row without her getting to wash it every day, while ours, ours becomes oily and makes us frustrated every time we see it like that. Well, probably because there are some factors that contribute to our hair to become that greasy, and we actually can’t control them.

But before moving on to some tips that help you with greasy hair, let’s first see what causes it. Our hair’s oil is called sebum and it’s presence is important to keep our hair hydrated.  However, sometimes the sebaceous glands which produce sebum produce an excess of this natural oil and this causes our hair to look oily or greasy.How to get rid of greasy hair

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But we have your back as there are some simple tips to follow that will help you deal with greasy hair:

1. Don’t wash your hair often

So, we know that our hair produces its own natural oil and if we wash it often, water and shampoo might make that oil go away.  Therefore washing our hair frequently means that the scalp will produce more of that oil to compensate the lost oil it needs. Contrary to the old belief that greasy hair should be washed every day, try and reduce washing it 2 to 3 times per week. At first, it will take time for your hair to be used with the new wash cycle but at times it will be trained enough and greasing will be reduced.


2. Reduce the use of hair products

Well, it’s a common fact that none of us wants our hair to form split ends nor look frizzy or greasy. However, sometimes inadvertently, we use products that might contribute to our greasy hair. Although sometimes it’s a must to use hairspray to give that updo a final touch, it is recommended to minimize the use of these products. This because these products are in most of the cases rich with ingredients that contribute to the buildup of grease in your hair.\


3. Use a dry shampoo

Yes, that’s what you need to save you from washing your hair every day – a dry shampoo.  Speaking on behalf of greasy heads, we love this product – it is effective in helping our hair look refreshed and revitalized. This because it helps to remove excess oil and eliminate odors from our hair. Wait, as there’s another product to camouflage greasy hair for the day and we’re talking about baby powder! Yes, shocker, right? Just be sure to use a small amount, and then massage it until the whiteness is lost in your root. Voila, we’re ready to go!


4.  Keep Your Hands Off

We touch a lot of things during the day and touching our hair often with our hands can make the oil accumulate. Even if you unconsciously brush or twirl your hair frequently during the day it might contribute for the oil to build-up. If touching your hair is a habit for you, try to tie it in a bun or ponytail right as you wake up in the morning, so there will be no temptations. Besides, touching your hair with your hands can also stimulate the sebum to produce more oil, and your hair will be greasy at a faster pace than usual. Try and keep your hands off your hair.

How to get rid of greasy hair

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Some more tips to keep your hair looking glamorous:

Minimize the use of conditioner –  or use it only from the mid-shaft of the hair.

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Try and keep your hair curly – it’s easier for the oil to make its way down in straight hair than curly hair.

Stay away from refined carbohydrates, fried food, and sugar as it is not strange that the food you consume can affect the oil in your skin directly.


Apply the above tips carefully, as hopefully, you won’t need to resort to hats or ponytails to hide your greasy hair anymore!

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