How To Grow Eyebrows Fast – And Other Tips

Eyebrows are an important feature on our face. The shape they have can define how your face looks and having eyebrows on fleek seems to be the goal nowadays. Not too long ago thin eyebrows were trending which caused many people to overly tweeze out their brows. Now, however thick eyebrows are the focus and we are here to show you some tips on how to grow eyebrows fast.

You can see most of the time many people sporting their thick eyebrows. Celebrities such as Lily Collins and Cara Delevigne are not ashamed of their bushy brows and they have inspired many others to do so too. Unfortunately many have not been blessed with thick eyebrows. If not that, then the consequences of over-plucking their eyebrows have resulted in the brow hair not to grow back. And that is a problem for a lot of people. These are a few tips you can use to grow back your eyebrows in a quick and efficient way.

Patience is key, people.

How To Grow Eyebrows Fast
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Castor Oil

Castor oil is known for its hair growth quality. And it is also known that it has quite a lot of effects on growing your eyebrows hair back. It is affordable, safe and natural. This oil contains vitamin, antioxidants and fatty acids that will nourish your hair back to life again. It is important to try the oil on a smaller part of your body just in case you have any allergic reaction to it. Also, don’t forget to only purchase pure castor oil. If the oil that you have has extra added ingredients in it you are likely to have irritation or allergic reaction. There hasn’t been any scientific research that proves castor oil can help on the growth of the hair but it is considered a low risk to take.

How to use it

  • Take all your makeup off and clean your face
  • Take a small cotton ball or a clean mascara wand and gently put castor oil in your eyebrows
  • Massage the area
  • Leave it on overnight or for 30 minutes, it’s up to you.
  • Wash your face with lukewarm water or a cleanser. Use it until you see the results you wanted.


Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is the oil that is taken from the meat of the coconut and it is one of the most beneficial natural remedies out there. Its benefits are endless. One of them being used for thick eyebrows. It contains proteins and vitamin E which will help you get your desired bushy brows. Another benefit of using coconut oil is that it will make your eyebrows darker too.

How to use it

  • Massage a dab of the oil into your eyebrows to get the blood flowing
  • Leave it overnight and wash it in the morning
  • Repeat the process every day for a couple of months


Olive Oil

Olive oil contains vitamins A and E which in response will help the hair grow. Vitamin A will stimulate the production of sebum while vitamin E will nourish the hair strands. The oil will also make your eyebrows darker.

How to use it

  • Make sure you are using extra virgin olive oil and it doesn’t have any chemicals in it
  • Massage your eyebrows with a drop of oil
  • Leave it on for a couple of hours
  • Wash it off with water or a cleanser


Aloe Vera

Aloe vera was named “the plant of immortality” by the ancient Egyptians. It contains aloenin which is a compound that promotes hair growth. The gel from the aloe vera will rejuvenate the eyebrow hair with its own nutrients and it will give it more elasticity which prevents breakage.

How to use it

  • Take the gel out of the aloe vera
  • Massage it in your eyebrows until the gel dissolves
  • Your eyebrows will absorb it
  • You can apply it several times a day


Other Tips To Help Grow Eyebrows Fast

How To Grow Eyebrows Fast
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Plucking – You may have done it back in the days but it’s time for you to step away from your tweezers. If you want them to grow back faster. Plucking that unwanted hair may be a struggle but it is a win after they are lush and thick. To get the desired result don’t pluck or wax your eyebrows for about a few years. You will more likely get the shape you want.

Massage – Massaging your eyebrows will stimulate blood circulation which will help on the growth of the hair.

Side note – While you are waiting for the hair to grow back you can always use makeup, take a gel and draw on hair resembling the eyebrows. It is a temporary solution until you get the eyebrows you have always wanted.


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