We Might Have Been Eating Pineapples Wrong Our Whole Lives

The internet has allowed us to learn so many new things. Not only from search results but also from what other people tend to post online and share with their peers. It sometimes makes me thrilled knowing the amount of information I can get from the little device on my hand – called a smartphone – and I stop and wonder whether I’m using this little device properly.

However, just recently, someone has taken to social media to share a tiny piece of information that it somewhat perplexed me. Unilad reported of a social media user who might have just found the correct (and easier) way to eat pineapple and it honestly left us all amazed.

@dillonroberts22/Tik Tok

The video on how to properly eat pineapple has been originally shared on TikTok by a user named Dillon Roberts. It basically shows a person who is pulling out sections of the pineapple by the skin, after slicing off the top, piece-by-piece. I mean…

The video was then shared on Twitter as well by a 21-year-old from Middlesbrough, named Lewis McCluskey. He was clearly shocked as well:

The tweet got approximately 135K likes and 43K retweets and counting!

And then people were also quick to react to this newly-found piece of knowledge. See what they had to say:


“The game changer. It’s so beautiful.”

Twitter user @_mohammadaidil_ took to Twitter to explain why we can do this:

Hmm! Now, this is something. Can’t wait to get my hands on a pineapple! Easy-peasy!


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