How to remove contact lenses

How To Remove Contact Lenses: Step-By-Step Guide

Same as putting in your contact lenses, removing them can be a daunting and pesky prospect for first-time wearers. But worry not, as everything gets easier once you’ve had some practice at it and learn the right steps on how to remove contact lenses.

As you may know, contact lenses are thin lenses placed directly on the surface of the eye and are a safe form used for functional, optical reasons, aesthetic or cosmetic reasons. They are especially preferred for sports and other outdoor activities, and different from spectacles, contact lenses typically provide better peripheral vision and do not collect moisture or perspiration.

If you have finally mastered putting in your contact lenses, taking them out requires different steps to follow. What is also important is to take care of the hygiene of lenses after you have removed them.

So, to know more about the guide on how to remove contact lenses safely and quickly, join me below:

How to remove contact lenses
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How to remove contact lenses

1. Wash your hands

Before putting in your contact lenses, make sure to wash your hands with soap (preferably non-perfumed, anti-bacterial liquid soap). This step will not only protect your contacts but also your eyes, as harmful pathogens can enter the eye via the lenses and cause eye infection or conjunctivitis.

After you thoroughly rinse your hands, dry them with a lint-free towel.

2. Add drops of saline to each eye

Adding saline to your eyes will hydrate and lubricate them as well as your contacts. This will make the whole process of removing contacts easier. Ensure that you use a sterile saline solution.

3. Look up and pull your upper and lower eyelids with your fingers

When removing contacts, use a mirror and find good lighting to make the process of removing contact lenses easier. Start with the same eye each time, as they are not interchangeable and you won’t mix them.

Look up, and carefully pull down your lower eyelid with the middle finger of your dominant hand. Then with the index finger of your non-dominant hand lift your top eyelid up.

4. Grip the lens with your index finger and thumb

Using your index finger slide the lens down to the white of your eye, or simply squeeze gently with your index finger and thumb and pull the lens away to remove it from your eye. Try not to tear or fold the lens.

5. Place the lens in your palm

Before putting your contact into its case, place it on your palm and wet each side of the lens with the solution. Using your finger, rub the lens for about 20 seconds then rinse for 10 seconds with a steady stream of the solution. Place it in its own case and tighten the lid.

If you want to see the whole process in detail, you can check the video here.

How to remove contact lenses
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Contact lens stuck in your eye?

In case your contact lens has stuck in your eye, the first step you have to follow is to wash your hands thoroughly before determining the location of the contact lens in your eye. If the contact is centered on your cornea, it is probably because it has dried out. Therefore, all you have to do is to rinse the contact and your eye for a few seconds with contact lens solution, a steady stream of sterile saline, or contact lens rewetting drops. Then close your eye and gently massage your upper lid until you feel the lens is moving.

If your eye still feels uncomfortable or your notice the lens has remained stuck, repeat the above step several times, blinking frequently after each rinse to help the lens move. Once the contact lens is hydrated and moves freely, you can easily remove it, following the instructions on the ‘How to remove contact lenses’ paragraph above.

In case the lens is stuck off the center of your eye, move your eye in the opposite direction of where you think the lens may be. So, if you think the lens is stuck under your lower eyelid, look up and vice versa. Gently massage your eyelid and blink frequently to move the lens to the center of your eye so you can remove it. You can also rinse your eye with sterile saline, rewetting drops, or multipurpose solution to hydrate the lens.


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