How To Shape And Fill In Eyebrows With An Eyebrow Pencil

Getting the perfect shape of eyebrows can really be a struggle sometimes. You’re either struggling to find the perfect shape, or you have accidentally over-plucked your eyebrows, or you simply are a beginner in the world of makeup. Whatever the case may be, eyebrows are one of the most taken-care of facial features. They have been receiving so much attention, not only nowadays but also in the past. Through the years, eyebrows have always been unique. This facial feature has experienced so many changes, due to people’s preferences also changing with the passage of the years.

History shows us that back in the 1920s, eyebrow trends and preferences were much different than we know them today. They preferred them skinnier, and people were not very keen of thick and natural brows. It all changed decades after when women were rocking and embracing their thick and natural brows back and forth. Nowadays, I’d say the skinny brows have not yet made a comeback – we are still in our thick brows, natural brows phase. We’re rocking them with style, and Cara Delevingne probably agrees.

how to shape eyebrows with a pencil

How to shape/fill-in eyebrows with a pencil?

To get things started, reaching the perfect brows take some skill and determination. I mean, you can always visit a brow artist, however, sometimes you just feel like you need to learn and do things on your own.

First, what is an eyebrow pencil? An eyebrow pencil looks like any other pencil at first glance. It applies color to the brows as well as shapes and accentuates them. The difference between a regular pencil and an eyebrow one is that instead of the lead, the eyebrow pencil contains makeup. It’s basically a very simple product that can do a lot for your eyebrows.

1. Most importantly, before entering the pencil fill-in phase, you should make sure your eyebrows are properly tweezed.

2. To tweeze your eyebrows, exfoliate your skin by cleansing it with a washcloth or facial scrub. Brush your brows up and out using a clean toothbrush, brow brush, or simply your fingers. Sit where bright light touches your face and use a magnifying mirror. Use a pair of scissors that have a slanted edge. Make sure to tweeze your hair in the direction they grow and pull your skin while doing so.

3. Be aware, you need to find the proper arch that matches your face shape. To find the arch, take a makeup brush or pencil and hold it next to your nostril at an appropriate 45-degree angle past the pupil and through your brow. Your arch is just outside of where the pencil hits your brow. After finding the arch, tweeze the hair under it.

4. Tweeze both the bottoms and tops of your eyebrows because these areas should be smooth. Also, do not forget to tweeze the hair in between the two brows. How to know exactly at which area you should tweeze in-between, take the makeup brush or pencil again, and hold it parallel to the side of your nose. Your brow should begin where the pencil touches the brows.

5. Aloe vera gel will calm the redness, so make sure to use it afterward.

how to shape eyebrows with a pencil

6. Now begins the stage of shaping them and filling them in with an eyebrow pencil, as research suggests. Choose a pencil that best matches your natural roots.

7. Brush the brows upwards with a spoolie to see if there are any gaps. Fill the gaps by starting with upward strokes, and continue filling it to the tails. To get a natural look, fill in short and light strokes that match the length of your brows.

8. Now, proceed thickening the natural arch, but make sure not to fill in the brow for it will look a bit harsh.

9. Fill and extend the tails a bit, then give it a finished look by brushing upwards the brow once again.


How to choose the adequate eyebrow pencil color?

1. If you have naturally dark hair: According to research, when you have naturally dark or black hair, a dark brown color would work best for your eyebrows.

2. If you have naturally brown hair: In this case go for a medium brown shade of eyebrow pencil.

3. If you have blonde hair: If your hair is blonde, opt for a taupe color that’s not deep brown, and not too light either. More or less like a nude color.

4. If you have burgundy hair: If you’re cool toned, research suggests that you should go for a pale brown color. However, if you’re warm toned, opt for a deeper brown.



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