4 Ways – How To Unclog Pores On The Nose

Ahh, those clogged pores on the nose. They can be such a pain in the a$$. You know, I think pretty much all of us know that. Unfortunately, I am here today to completely debunk all those unclogging pore claims that many of the beauty products say. No, you can’t entirely unclog your pores.

It is obvious that most of the visible ones are on your nose. I know how it feels to get up and look at them and wanting to squeeze them. You did it, I know you did, pretty much everyone did that. It’s a temptation you give in at some point. But don’t do it. Clogged pores are very sensitive and if you squeeze too much out, you will end up with a pimple and we definitely don’t want that. Some people are not fond of the fact that their pores are visible so they try to get rid of them. For all of you who don’t know, pores are openings on the skin, on the follicles of the skin.

The more clogged that they are, the more likely your skin is to be oily. So it really matters what type of skin you have.

How To Clean Pores On Nose
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Do we really have to “clean” our pores?

Well, not really. Our pores can clean themselves so we can just leave them be. The harsh reality is you can’t fully unclog your pores. You can’t get rid of them permanently, or shrink them more than their original size. There are many questions you have probably thought of at some point while looking at your nose. What causes pores? Why are they so visible? Am I doing something wrong? Is my skincare not doing the best it can? What factors affect the size of them? Well, the size of the pores on your nose or anywhere for that matter is genetic. The size of your pores, unfortunately, is already chosen for you, without your consent.

According to WebMD, there is nothing you can do about the size of your pores however, there are ways you can use to make your pores look smaller than they actually are. Here are some methods you can try out to make pores look smaller.

1.Glycolic Acid

Glycolic Acid is really good for the pores. When pores get enlarged glycolic acid will remove the debris and also the sebum that is stuck in clogged pores. When this happens the clogged pore will reduce to its normal size, meaning the size that you already had prior to when all of that dirt, oil, dead skin was trapped in there.

2. Charcoal

I am sure that we have all tried an activated charcoal mask and the pain that we had to endure while taking it off. Besides the fact that it will unclog the pores from the dirt and all of that stuff inside, charcoal will also absorb the oil which will reduce the enlarged pores. You can use it as a mask or as a scrub.

3. Retinol

Retinol is a vitamin A which besides the fact that it will help with unclogging your pores, it is also used on products that will fight acne and anti-aging ones too. It will also help with exfoliating the skin and reduce the bacteria that causes acne.

5. Extractions

Visiting a professional is always the best idea when it comes to extracting your pores. It’s safe. Also, the easiest and fastest way to unclog your pores. While other products you use may take time, extracting your pores is best to be done if you are dealing with very clogged pores. An esthetician will take care of that and even though it might hurt a little, it will still be that good kind of hurt.

As a side note, don’t use your finger to try and squeeze out your clogged pores. Yes, it may be difficult to hold your self back on many occasions but after all, you don’t want a red face, pimples or an infection. Your fingers’ bacteria will only add more oils and dirt to your skin.


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