Hugh Jackman Offers Blake Lively Free Coffee Forever For Putting Up With Ryan Reynolds

The feud between Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds is still going on and we can’t help but be excited about it. Not only they’re hilarious and full of sarcastic comments, but sometimes they include Reynold’s wife, Blake Lively. The ‘war’ has been going on for at least a year now, and is not going to stop anytime soon, apparently.

hugh jackman ryan reynolds feud

The Wolverine actor took to social media to scold Reynolds for his bad behavior, posting a picture of the couple at Laughing Man Coffe Company, founded by Jackman as a gesture of support to coffee farmers in lower income countries.

The picture shows Reynolds behind the counter, as his wife Blake is holding her hands up with a not-so-happy face, probably saying “Ughh, you can be so annoying sometimes!”

Jackman was quick to share the post on social media, and you can see his Tweet below:

He offered Lively free coffee for life for having to put up with Ryan Reynolds! I’d do it for free, to be honest…

He captioned the post:

Our policy at @laughingmanco is to make people happy – not drive them insane. Exhibit A = @VancityReynolds. @blakelively your coffee is on the house … forever.

I’m wondering if there’s a nice way of saying can I also be part of this feud, pretty pleaseeee?!!!!

Now I can’t wait for Reynold’s response. I live for these Tweets, seriously.

How did all this start, you ask? Well, see, Ryan Reynolds has a dream that is merging the worlds of Wolverine and Deadpool together. But apparently, Jackman isn’t fond of the idea…

Recently, Reynolds responded to rumors that the Wolverine actor has once again refused to be part of a Wolverine/Deadpool crossover, and took to Twitter to say:

I see @RealHughJackman is no longer allergic to selfish.

Hugh Jackman appeared on Sunday Today and while talking to the host, Willie Geist, he mentioned the possibility of Wolverine’s return. The actor started by saying that Wolverine will be back, adding that “someone’s going to buy him, I don’t know.”

Geist then responded by asking “not you though?” to which the actor said (while breaking our hearts):

No, but Ryan [Reynolds] is relentless. He keeps coming back to me in all these ways, shapes and forms. I just said, ‘You know, I just don’t think the world really wants to see Deadpool with Wolverine.’ Maybe a cameo from Deadpool? I just think it runs over it for Deadpool.

So, okay, that’s not going to happen but at least we have their social media feud that hopefully, will go on forever.

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