The Feud Is Back ON! Hugh Jackman Reignites It Through A Slanderous Gin Ad

The war between Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds is getting more savage each time!

Just days before, however, The Wolverine and Deadpool stars first announced the news of a truce with a photo showing the two actors smiling and shaking on their agreement. It was Reynolds who shared the picture, which he captioned:

‪Official truce with @thehughjackman! As a gesture of goodwill, I’m gonna make a beautiful ad for his company, Laughing Man Coffee. Can’t wait! ‬

But, days after they waved the white flag and called a truce, it looks like Hugh Jackman broke the rules and took his ‘feud’ game to the following level. Just when you think, he also shared the ‘truce picture’ of him and Ryan days before, captioning:

Official truce! I’m going to make an awesome ad for Aviation Gin. And, look forward to seeing what @Vancityreynolds comes up with in return.

In a video posted by the Deadpool star, the two actors explained they are having a break from their feud in order to make adverts for each others’ brands. Thus, Hugh Jackman was set to make an advert for Reynolds’ alcohol Aviation Gin, whereas Ryan Reynolds would promote The Greatest Showman star’s brand, Laughing Man Coffee.

The final products of their advertisements were shared today (February 6), but it looks like someone didn’t take the truce seriously. For more, “a complete and utter f*cking ar*ehole” was heard.

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“Can a cup of coffee be a superhero? Cause Laughing Man beans are born with a special power,” is how Reynolds’ commercial for Jackman begins. The advertisement he was set to make, turned out to be very qualitative, telling the story of Laughing Man Coffee from the selection of the beans to the moment it’s served up in a shop.

However, after his ad is played, Jackman looks worried all of a sudden, saying:

I’m not quite ready to show mine yet, let’s just cut it there. It’s not quite finished. Color correcting and all that.

After Reynolds persists to watch the ad Hugh prepared, he is left speechless. So are we!

Watch the video below and see how the story ends!


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Source: Unilad