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12+ Humorous Office Moments Of The Coolest Co-workers

12+ Humorous Office Moments Of The Coolest Co-workers

Anyone who has worked in an office knows that things can get a bit dull throughout the long week. Small talks about the weather or the weekend don’t always fulfill your daily satisfaction, so you need more than that. You need to spice things up and ‘abuse’ office supplies, your coworkers’ nerves, make inside jokes, and what not.

From creative ways to track your dog to new desktops, the following list gives examples of some of the most hilarious co-workers:


1. Where’s Cor…? Oh, there he is.

Source: chompersthecorgi


2. I think these colleagues have just found their doppelgängers.

Source: SpudTheSpartan


3. “I asked a coworker a question when she was on vacation” That’s her reply:

Source: nonconnonag


4. They have forest wallpaper in one of their offices. Day 37, the boss hasn’t figured it out yet.

Source: mortalbug


5. These are the new names of Gummy Bears given by an ER Nurse and her coworkers

Source: Apotator


6. The best medical note a doctor could have ever written.

Source: eaglel66


7. While their coworker was on vacation, they ‘shrunk’ his desk into a miniature one.

Source: PirateJC


8. When you are too short to talk to your colleagues over a cubicle wall, here’s the solution:

Source: renerdrat


9. A tiny violin to play when your colleagues complain at work. 🙂

Source: PHIL-yes-PLZ


10. You better not give any spoiler of the end of G.O.T to him!

coolest co-workers

Source: Nyrfan82


11. “Got called in for a meeting with HR recently about “Appropriate Language In The Workplace” the next day this gem mysteriously showed up on my desk.”

coolest co-workers

Source: kalinkabeek


12. May the God help you in finding the hidden message behind this!

coolest co-workers

Source: CrazyChrain


13. “I heard someone yelling in the bathroom. I think I may have found the source!”

coolest co-workers

Source: Wababro


14. Conference Call Bingo is always a good idea for long, boring meetings. I’d go with the ‘Loud, painful echo/feedback.’

coolest co-workers

Source: OyVeyzMeir


15. My co-worker needs this new desktop, as well. 

coolest co-workers

Source: davbis93

From: Boredpanda


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