Separated By Hurricane Michael, Dog And Family Have A Heartwarming Reunion

You are about to witness one of the loveliest family reunions ever. No, it’s not about a soldier coming home and reuniting with his baby or wife, nor about two friends seeing each other after a long time. It’s about a canine and Patrick Burns’ family reunion.

After the Hurricane Michael hit Panama City, Florida people were forced to evacuate and leave everything behind. Amongst Panama City citizens were Patrick Burns and his family, which during this time were gone on vacation. They arranged for a pet sitter for their three dogs while away on vacation. But, soon Michael, the hurricane hit their hometown. Consequently, the pet sitter had to leave Patrick’s dogs behind.

After the family returned home, they saw their house was destroyed and possessions had been lost during the natural disaster. But worst, one of the most valuable possession they had was missing. Their smallest dog, Quinn.

Fortunately, Quinn wasn’t gone for good, as Cory Bruckschen found him wandering the wreckage left behind by the storm while he was searching for his own missing dog.  He took Quinn to the Humane Society of Bay County, where the ASPCA and the Florida State Animal Response Coalition were leading emergency sheltering operations for animals displaced by the hurricane. He also decided to take care for Quinn until his true owners were found.

After a few days, Patrick came by the same shelter with a picture of Quinn. After days of disappointment, they could finally see a ray of sunshine through the sky.

He recalls the moment, “When I finally could get back here, I showed a very nice woman the picture of Quinn, and the first she did was take like a deep breath like she knew something, and goes ‘I don’t want to get your hopes up but…,’ while that was enough to get my hopes up, ‘… a family brought in a dog the day before that looks exactly like Quinn.'”

Source: ASPCA

He continued, “It’s like all my emotions I’ve been holding all week, were just let loose. My wife is like, you are crying, I am, I can’t help it. I’m just so happy.” 

For Patrick, it’s the best thing happening, since they lost their house after the storm. “I kept telling my friends, I said I don’t care about the house, I just want Quinn back.”

Well, we are happy for you, your family, and Quinn, Patrick! Our canine friends are our family, after all!

The good news yet is that the Bruckschens received a happy ending their own, too. They also found their own missing dog not long after saving Quinn.

Source: People 


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