A Chinese “Ice Boy” Melts People’s Hearts For Walking 2.8 Miles To School In Freezing Temperatures

This picture of a Chinese “Ice Boy” taken after he had arrived at the classroom of his local school, has gone viral on Chinese social media and is now taking over the world.


The viral picture was taken on Monday morning at a primary school in Lydian Country in the northeastern Chinese province of Yunnan. The little boy thought that the weather was sunny outside so he decided to wear only one sweater and a jacket.

The student identified as Wang Fuman lives 2.8 miles (4.5 kilometers) away from school alone with his sister after his parents moved to another city to work. That morning, the temperature in the region had dropped to 16°F (-9°C).

The primary school doesn’t have heating in the classrooms – something that the headmaster says he is trying to change.



Wang, who wants to become a police or scientist when he grows up has scored 99 out of 100 on one of his tests. The 8-year-old lives with his sister and grandmother while his 28-year-old father makes about $465 a month as a migrant worker. He returns home only once in 4-5 months while the mother is said to have abandoned the family.


Their house doesn’t even have electricity.

“Going to school is cold, but it’s not too hard,” Wang says.

The boy spends his free time helping his grandmother on the family farm. He says his New Year’s resolution is to study hard in order to make money and buy medicine for his sick grandmother.

A lot of web users have questioned why the government is not doing more to help the two left-behind children.

People’s Daily quoted the principal of the school, Fu Heng, saying: “It was 16°F in the morning and it was the first day of the final exam. The temperature had dropped in the last half an hour, and as he lives pretty far from school by the time he got to class his hair was full of frost.”

“The child is cute, he made a funny face when he got to class, causing his classmates to burst into laughter.”

The path that Wang takes to go to school every day


The school is said to have received a $15,500 donation in addition to 100+ coats and 20 heaters after the photo went viral.

Source: 9gag

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