These 12+ Comics About The Life Of An Ice Cube Send A Powerful Life Message

Creating art is the ability of the artist to see beyond what the surface of the world has to offer. Seeing an in-depth of ordinary things, finding meaning in things that might seem meaningless at first glance, or even seeing how the world around us is so very unique if only we gave it a chance.

Artist, W. P. Ven is that one person who sees deeper than what he is offered. He has created a very unique collection of comics about none other than an ice cube! Have you ever thought about the life of an ice cube and its purpose, and how this all relates so well to life in general? No? Well, the artist behind CubeMelt has.

He admits that the inspiration for CubeMelt came at the lowest point of his creative career, according to BoredPanda. He said:

I was lost on where my work was taking me and did not know what I should be focusing on to establish my career at the age of 36.

He proceeded to say that it was during those self-doubt moments when he felt like “melting away” like the ice-cubes in his cup of soda. “I asked what would an ice cube do given its short lifespan? That was the moment when CubeMelt was born,” he said.

Scroll below to see his work and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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1. Adorable little cube.

ice cube comics

2. Always there in times of need.

ice cube comics

3. Awesome cosplay!

4. Getting all fit.

5. There are times I’ve felt this way too, ice cube.

6. Cube and sunshine.

7. Serves the aliens right.

8. Abs and all of that.

9. Easy-peasy.

10. “I don’t feel so good.”

11. All fun and games until… 

12. Princess Elsa doing her thing.

13. I can’t! Cute little cube.

14. Why you so cold?

15. Fair enough.

16. If there’s a will – there’s a way.

17. Taking that advice too literally.

18. That’s why the loading time should be reduced. 

The artist said:

The philosophy of Cubemelt is “life is short”. It begets the question of how we are spending each day of our lives.

He admits that he draws content ideas from “pop culture, current affairs” and his wife and baby girl. He says he wants to “bring some perspective of life through the (mis)adventures of an adorable ice cube with a burning zest for life!”

Any thoughts? Let us know in the comments section below.


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Source: Boredpanda